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Financial Risk Manager or FRM® certification offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP®) is one of the most coveted certifications among Risk Management Professionals. Candidates need to complete ... rigorous two-part, practice-oriented examination and demonstrate two years of relevant work-experience to get the FRM certification. Write to for FRM Part 2 training.

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About FRM Part 2 Certification Training

  • About FRM Part 2 Certification

    FRM Part 2 Certification is the second level of qualification within FRM certification program that is offered to professionals who successfully qualify the FRM Part 2 exam. FRM Part 2 certification demonstrates one’s proficiency in applying risk management tools to specific areas such as credit risk, market risk and operational risk.

  • Best Suited

    Any graduate who wants to make their career in the financial risk management domain are the ideal participants for FRM Part 2 certification. Candidates need to successfully qualify the FRM Part 1 exam to become eligible for the FRM Part 2 exam.

  • FRM Part 2 Certification Benefits

    • Number one credential for Risk Management Professionals
    • Displays expertise on quantitative analysis and risk management
    • Demonstrates leadership
    • Enhances reputation
    • Improves job performance and offers better job prospects

  • Objective

    Understand the different types of risks, identify risk management tools and implement these in real life scenarios for better management of risks in the financial sector.

  • Who should attend?

    FRM program is suitable

    • Finance risk professionals who want to enhance their professional abilities
    • Career changers (non-risk professionals) to gain broader professional expertise and to make a career change into the finance risk profession
    • Students who want to enter the finance risk profession

  • FRM Part 2 Exam Pre-requisites

    A candidate can apply for individual exam or for both the exams on the same day. However, he/she needs to successfully clear the FRM Part 1 exam in order to become eligible for getting graded for FRM Part 2 exam if he/she is opting for both the exam together. Else, he must pass FRM Part 1 in order to register for FRM Part 2 exam.

  • FRM Exam Format

    It is pencil and paper exam in two parts conducted twice a year in May and November.





    Part I

    4 hours

    100 Multiple Choice Questions


    Part II

    4 hours

    80 Multiple Choice Questions


    A candidate can sit for individual part or both the parts in a single day. But he must pass the Part 1 to get his Part 2 exam graded. There is no negative marking.

    Exam Results

    Exam results are pass/fail and are released via email approximately six weeks after the Exam is administered. Candidates are provided with quartile results that enable them to see how they scored on specific areas relative to other candidates.

    Fees Schedule for May 2014 Exam (in US $)


    Enrolment Fee

    Exam Fee

    Total Fees

    Early Registration (1st Dec 2013 – 31st Jan 2014)

    US $300

    US $350

    US $650

    Standard Registration (1st Feb 2014 – 28th Feb 2014)

    US $300

    US $475

    US $775

    Late Registration ( 1st Mar 2013 – 15th Apr 2014)

    US $300

    US $650

    US $950

  • Structure

    FRM Exam Part 2 Content

    FRM Part 2 exam further applies the tools and techniques covered in Part 1 and delve more deeply into major sub-areas of risk management. Specific areas of coverage are:

    • Market Risk Management (25%): This section tests a candidate’s knowledge of market risk measurement and management techniques.
    • Credit Risk Management (25%): This area focuses on a candidate’s understanding of credit risk management with some focus given to structured finance and credit products such as collateralized debt obligations and credit derivatives. Knowledge of counterparty risk is also tested, as well as default risk and methodologies used to measure it, such as Credit VaR.
    • Operational and Integrated Risk Management (25%): This section addresses a candidate’s knowledge of two areas of increasing importance for many firms—operational risk management and integrated risk management.
    • Risk Management and Investment Risk Management (15%): This area focuses on a candidate’s knowledge of risk management techniques applied to the investment management process. Topics such as portfolio construction and performance analysis are covered, as well as risk budgeting and portfolio and component VaR. Issues related to hedge funds and private equity investments are also covered.
    • Current Issues in Financial Markets (10%): The candidate is expected to familiarize him/herself with the readings from this section, approaching each paper critically as a risk manager equipped with the knowledge from the other sections. This area of the Exam will test a candidate’s knowledge of the material covered by each paper.

  • Exam

    FRM Part 2 exam is governed by GARP. Training is not mandatory but advisable. FRM Part 2 exam is a 4 hour exam consisting 80 multiple choice questions. Know more about FRM exam fee structure.

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