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Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular cloud computing services. It is an Infrastructure as a Service Provider (IAAS) type of cloud computing service. Anyone looking forward towards attaining a cloud computing certification needs to understand these basics in cloud computing.

Let’s discuss about AWS in this post. AWS is a set of infrastructure web services. Amazon has built a service layer over virtualized infrastructure. This allows a consumer to provision resources over the web. These services span across server, storage, database, object store and many other infrastructure components. AWS allows on demand infrastructure provisioning. This means that a consumer can request for new resources at any point of time and based on the requirement AWS will deliver the resources. On demand capability allows consumers to be flexible with the infrastructure, and design systems that are adaptable to scale. AWS allows consumers to avail Pay as you Go Pricing Model. It can provide the cheapest pricing amongst all IAAS. AWS also allows automate scaling of the infrastructure. The consumer of AWS can decide on multiple factors based on which the infrastructure is scaled. AWS also exposes Payment and Mechanical Turk service. Payment services allow individuals and business to implement payment integration in their apps.  AWS makes distributed computing easy.  A consumer using AWS can take the advantage of the distributed nature of services, and allow it to make their own applications truly distributed. There are different AWS components, namely stated below.

Key components of AWS:
  • EC2: Elastic Compute Cloud
  • EBS: Elastic Book Store
  • ELB: Elastic Load Balancer
  • S3: Simple Storage Service
  • RDS: Relational Database Service
To know more about AWS and its components, you can explore our training courses on cloud computing. Simplilearn provides both online and classroom training course on Cloud Computing.
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