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As discussed in our previous post on Cloud Entities, there are several actors that participate in cloud computing services and these actors are termed as cloud entities. Typically there are five types of cloud entities that participate in different aspects of cloud computing. Let’s take a look at the roles that these entities play in cloud computing. Role of a Provider Provider is typically an organization that makes services available for customers. Its roles in cloud computing are:
  • Manages Infrastructure and Applications
  • Allows access to Service over Internet
  • Standardizes Resources
  • Maintains SLA
  • Tracks usage and bills customer
  • Provides API, SDK
Role of a Consumer A Consumer is an entity that intents to use the service from the provider to solve a business problem. Its roles in cloud computing are:
  • Consumes services from the Provider
  • Is billed for the usage of the service
  • Configures the service based on the requirement
  • Agrees to the SLA and terms & conditions of the provider
Role of a Broker A Broker is an intermediary that works on the behalf of Cloud consumer to deal with the provider.  Its roles in cloud computing are:
  • Works with multiple providers
  • Assists in implementation of service for customer
  • Abstracts service complexity
  • Negotiates pricing
Role of an Auditor An Auditor is an entity that examines the cloud service to verify its standard regulations and practices. Its roles in cloud computing are:
  • Assess the providers
  • Ensures commitment to SLA
  • Protects the consumer
  • Enforces standards and regulations
  • Tracks the maturity of providers
Role of a Carrier A Carrier manages the connectivity between the provider and consumer. Its roles in cloud computing are:
  • Ensures last mile connectivity
  • Maintains the transport channel for services
  • Ensures service throughput
  • Ensures availability
To know more about cloud entities, you can explore our training courses on cloud computing. Simplilearn provides both online and classroom training course on Cloud Computing.
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