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Stakeholder management is a major part of every project management irrespective of it being agile or not. However in agile project development the role of stakeholder management is more critical as stakeholders unlike other project gets involved at regular iterations and plays an active part in agile development projects. Engaging the right people with right skills in the right work process brings in successful projects and success for the organization. A stakeholder is anybody who has a stake in the project that is anyone whose interest positively or negatively is impacted by the project’s outcomes or who can impact the project either positively or negatively. Stakeholder management is a major pillar to support an organization in interpreting and influencing both the external and internal environments towards achieving the defined strategic objectives for a project. Stakeholder management aims at creating positive environment in project space and positive relationships with stakeholders. It is a process which is incorporated in the project principles and guidelines to ensure smooth and successful agile project development. Processes involved in Agile Stakeholder management:
  • Identifying the stakeholders
  • Recognizing the needs, concerns and relationships of the stakeholders
  • Positioning stakeholders towards enhancement of the project Stakeholder matrix
  • Understanding each other at an executive level
These are some of the common processes of stakeholder management followed generally in agile project development. Principles of Stakeholder Management:
  • Stakeholders’ interests and the agile projects’ interests need to be aligned over a period of time
  • Stakeholders have to be engaged pro-actively in the project
  • Solutions to resolve stakeholders’ issues and problems needs to be analyzed
  • A way to satisfy all the stakeholders needs to be found out
  • Agile project manager needs to demonstrate the team’s commitment to fulfill the needs of the stakeholders
  • Engagement and communication should move well with all the stakeholders
  • Projects should be revisited in order to provide project service and also build a good rapport with the stakeholders
These are the main principles of stakeholder management used by project managers on agile projects.  To know more about stakeholders and agile team and work process, you can join Simplilearn’s PMI-ACP online training and improve your PMI-ACP exam preparation towards attaining a PMI-ACP agile certification. You can also attend agile certification classroom training courses for better insights. Know the upcoming dates of PMI-ACP agile certification training for your city. Related Reading:
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