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Microsoft Excel or MS Excel is a spreadsheet application which is distributed by Microsoft. MS Excel enables users to function with calculation, graphic tools, pivot tools and macro programming language. MS Excel 2010 is the current version of this application for Microsoft windows. MS Excel is a spreadsheet program which is called worksheet in Excel. Users are allowed to insert data in the worksheet and perform various mathematical calculations. MS Excel Menu Bar allows one to perform various calculations. Each menu has its own specific calculation. The main menus of MS Excel Menu bar are listed as below.
  • File
  • Home
  • Insert
  • Page Layout
  • Data
  • Review
  • View
File Menu in MS Excel: File menu is the first menu in the MS Excel menu bar. It functions the file management and importing from external sources to MS Excel. The File menu allows one to open, save, close, print and so on in MS Excel. It gives the users options to save the workbook, open new workbook and so on. The functions of the File Menu in MS Excel are: Save, Save as, Open, Close, Info, Recent, New, Print, Save & Send, Help, Options and Exit. Home Menu in MS Excel: The Home menu is the second menu in the MS Excel menu bar. Home menu allows users to format the values in excel as per font, color, conditional formatting, filter, find and select and so on. All these functions help one in performing various effective calculations. Insert Menu in MS Excel: The Insert menu as the term suggest helps one to insert various options in the Excel sheet. Ranging from pivot table to picture, clip art, line, bar, pie, textbox, header and footer, symbol, equation and so on can be inserted. One can also insert hyperlink in this menu. Various equations and calculations can be done easily using this menu. Page Layout in MS Excel: Here, one can define the page layout for the worksheet. One can customize colors, select from different layouts and add effects to the worksheet using this menu. One can also customize height and width in this menu. Formulas in MS Excel: This is one of the main menus in MS Excel. This menu allows users to perform mathematical calculations using various formulas. The main formulas of MS Excel are function, summation, lookup and reference, mathematics and trigonometry and so on. Data in MS Excel: Data menu is yet another important function of MS Excel. This menu allows one to sort, filter, remove duplicates, data validation, consolidation, and group, and ungroup and so on in MS Excel. The functions of Data menu serve great help to users for various calculations. Review in MS Excel: The review menu in MS Excel allows one to review the values in a workbook. One can spell check using this menu. Also one can make comment based on the data provided in the workbook and enable track changes. One can protect workbook and share workbook using this menu. View in MS Excel: View menu is the last menu in the MS Excel menu bar. One can define the view of the workbook using this menu. One can also use custom views by using this menu. Macros is another important function of the View menu. To know more about the main menus in MS Excel, you can visit Simplilearn’s MS Excel 2010 Training page. Simplilearn offers 100% online training course on MS Excel 2010. Now sharpen your MS Excel skills from the comfort of your home.
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