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With the Agile Scrum foundation exam questions, you can measure how prepared you are for the real certification exam. Participants who take the scrum foundation exam questions will have it easy when they are getting certified. The Agile multiple choice questions are great ways to analyze how well-versed you are in the field of Agile methodologies. This mock paper is an accurate representation of the paper you will write when getting certified and will give you a clear picture of what to expect. Take the Scrum foundation exam today!

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1. A team is going through a retrospective meeting. They discussed potential improvements for the next iteration. The Scrum master noted 15 improvement related action items that the team wanted to work on. What should be done next?
2. Which of the following best describes the purpose of a retrospective meeting?
3. A user story is?
4. A team looked at a user story to be worked during the upcoming iteration. They decided to break it up further for better granularity and tracking. What might be the output of such division?
5. Which of the following best describes the factors governing the priority of a story?
6. Which of the following is a correct statement regarding Backlog?
7. A team is discussing the stories with the product owner, discussing possible approaches to implement the stories and noting some initial estimates for the work involved. What activity is the team performing?
8. During an iteration planning session, three team members could not agree on the estimate for a story after several rounds. One of them is the Product owner, who is most aware about the business impact. Another one is the lead for the development team, who has worked on several similar stories in the past. Another one is a junior team member, who has been assigned to work on the story. Whose estimate should be used during Sprint planning?
9. What is meant by 'Ideal Days'?
10. Which of the following estimation techniques is normally NOT used in Agile?
11. Which of the following best describes the technique of 'Test-Driven-Development'?
12. Which of the following is a core practice in Crystal Agile methodologies?
13. As a Scrum master of a team, you observe that during the daily Scrum, two team members start discussing technical details. What should you do?
14. As a manager of the testers on an Agile team, you are wondering what metric should be used to measure the performance of the team. Which of the following is the BEST metric to use?
15. Which statement below is NOT a valid Agile principle?
16. What is a 'sand-box'?
17. During an iteration demo, the Product owner rejects the implementation of a story even after the testers have completed and passed all the tests. The product owner maintains that the story is not developed as specified. Which of the following is the LEAST likely cause of this situation?
18. Other things being constant, what kind of workspace would you want to create for your Agile team?
19. You are working on a large project, that will be executed using Agile methodologies. How would you determine the team size for this project?
20. Which of the following characteristics is MOST important for an Agile team?
21. Agile leadership is an important factor in the success of Agile teams. Which of the following is a correct statement about leadership in Agile teams?
22. As a Scrum Master, how would you ensure that the goals agreed upon during a retrospective would be met?
23. One of the core practices of Extreme programming is continuous refactoring. Which of the following is the intent of re-factoring?
24. During a release planning discussion, the Product Owner asked the team to be cognizant of the opportunity of cost of picking any epic for working in the release. What is opportunity cost?
25. Why should the team be interested in pursuing an incremental approach to delivering features?
26. The genesis of the term 'User Story' can be found in?
27. All projects done by a team are affected by a risk due to weak estimation and scheduling practices. Will moving to Agile help address this risk?
28. A team is using Kanban techniques to manage its work. If productivity is reduced at a particular step, what would be the result?
29. In Agile estimation techniques, the size of a user story is usually measured by story points. What would be the measure used for the size of a task?
30. A team has decided to migrate to the Agile way of working and is wondering where to start. Which practice would you start right away while migrating to Agile?
31. The three alliterated terms which encapsulate the characteristics of a good user story are:
32. There are some stakeholders of high visibility project. It is important to keep them in the loop and have their buy-in. Which is the bests forum to provide them insight into the project?
33. Lean is based upon some basic principles. Which of the following is not a fundamental tenet of Lean?
34. Though it is self-managed, an Agile team needs to keep in mind some basic principles to guide its behavior. Which of the following is MOST important for the team?
35. How long should a Sprint planning meeting normally take, if the duration of the Sprint is 2 weeks?
36. A Product manager needs to find out who is working a specific task. There is some important information related to that task that the Product manager needs to give. How can the Product Manager get this information?
37. You are the leader of an Agile team and are looking at the charts that track the velocity of the team. Which of the following is the BEST goal to set for the team?
38. A team member wants to discuss a suggestion about the development processes of the team for efficiency gains. Which is the best forum to talk about this?
39. In Extreme programming, the best way is for the customer to:
40. In a Scrum team, who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Scrum practices?
41. A SPIKE is undertaken in which phase of an Agile project?
42. During a Daily stand-up meeting, a team member brought up a suggestion to improve communication across organizational boundaries. The Scrum master should suggest that it should be discussed at which forum?
43. As a leader of an Agile team, you were asked to foster diversity on the team. What should be your stand?
44. Scope, Cost and Time represent the triple constraints on a project. How do these normally interact on an Agile project?
45. 1. As an engineering best practice, what would be the BEST policy governing code check-ins?
46. A new project manager for an Agile project is looking for a high level description of the scope of an Agile project can be found out in which document?
47. A team is embarking on a release planning exercise. Which of the following is a required output of a Release planning exercise?
48. A project manager is looking to find out the rate at which stories are getting completed on a long running project. Which of the following charts will show this information?
49. The phases in the Agile project management framework are?
50. For the last three iterations, a team completed the development tasks for the planned stories, but the testing was lagging behind. What is the best thing you can do?
51. 1. Which of the following is a NOT good scale to use for estimation in Agile?
52. Which of the following is an INCORRECT statement about Story Points?
53. Which of the following BEST describes the constraints within the 'Agile triangle'?
54. A team is encouraged to do 'value-based prioritization'. What does the term 'Value' mean?
55. The team is working on a project based on a Fixed price contract and is using Agile methodologies. Midway through the project, the customer requested for a change. What should you do?
56. 1. In an Agile team, the developers are complaining that testers are not completing their work on time, leading to the team missing its commitments in the iteration. The testers complain that developers are delaying deliverables into test, which is causing this problem. What is the level of conflict in the team?
57. One of the important attributes of leadership of Agile teams is 'servant leadership'. What is NOT implied by Servant leadership?
58. Many of the Agile rituals help in risk management. Which of the following does NOT contribute to risk management?
59. Which of the following is NOT one of the five identified core risk areas for all projects?
60. Which of the following is NOT one of the advantages of pair programming?


  • Are these the same questions I'll see on the real exam?

    The Agile multiple choice questions are indicative of what you will face in the Agile Scrum foundation exam.

  • What will I learn from this practice test?

    This Agile foundation practice test consists of about 60 multiple choice questions, which are representative of the Agile foundation exam questions. These questions will help assess how knowledgeable you are in the field of Agile methodologies.

  • What are the requirements to take this Agile and Scrum practice test?

    There are no requirements to be fulfilled for the Agile and Scrum practice test.

  • Will the Practice Tests be updated frequently?

    Yes. Simplilearn will regularly update the mock tests so candidates will always have the latest information.

  • Will this Agile and Scrum practice test help in clearing the actual certification exam?

    Yes. This free Agile and Scrum practice test will introduce you to questions you will encounter in the actual exam conducted by the Scrum Alliance. Taking the Agile multiple choice questions will not guarantee that you can clear the exam but gives you a clear idea of what you will be up against.

  • What is included in this Agile and Scrum practice test?

    This Agile and Scrum mock test contains 60 MCQs that can be attempted any number of times for free. You will also be given an option to pause the test in between and take it later.

  • What is Agile and Scrum foundation practice test?

    The Agile foundation practice test is indicative of the Agile and Scrum foundation exam. There are over 60 Agile multiple choice questions that are representative of the Agile Scrum foundation exam. These questions will help you measure how well prepared you are for the real certification exam.

  • Can I retake this Agile and Scrum mock Test?

    Yes, you can practice the Agile foundation exam questions any number of times. It will, however, prove beneficial if you take the exam when you are well prepared.

  • Who can take up this Agile and Scrum practice test?

    This Agile and Scrum foundation exam prep is free of cost and can be taken up by anyone who wants to take on the role of project managers, business analysts, customers of scrum projects, individual contributors such as developers, or any professionals skilled in the software development methodology.

  • I didn’t do well on this practice test. What should I do now?

    Candidates can attempt the test as many times as they prefer. If clearing the exam in the first attempt was not successful, then candidates can learn more about Agile and Scrum in our Agile and Scrum Foundation Course and re-attempt the paper after preparing better.

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