AI and Machine Learning Applications That You Could Be Part Of

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are transforming the world like never before. From manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and finance to consumer goods, media, and creative arts, there is a multitude of ways these technologies are working behind the scenes to impact our daily lives while fuelling innovation and real-time insights for some of the world’s leading organizations.

It’s an era where data is the gold mine, and AI/ML technologies hold the key to it. Therefore, most of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as the largest venture capitalists today, are pouring billions of dollars into AI/ML technologies with the focus to future-proof businesses, create a competitive advantage, and unearth potentials for huge returns. Around 80 percent of the world’s leading organizations consider data science — the umbrella technology which comprises machine learning, artificial intelligence, as a vital facet of their operations. 

Machine Learning Career Guide

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Machine Learning Career Guide

Increased AI adoption is opening up the doors to ground-breaking research and lucrative job opportunities across industries. Big names like Google, Amazon, and Apple are at the forefront of some of the world’s most promising applications of machine learning, deep learning, and AI. Many of these applications are changing the world as we know it and empowering businesses, government entities, and consumers in ways we never envisioned. 

If you’re keen on a career in AI and Machine Learning, you’d be thrilled to know that there are many projects around the world where there’s a scope for you to utilize your skills for an immensely gratifying experience. Many of these innovative projects are founded and funded by global leaders. Let’s dive into some fantastic AI/ML projects and applications that you could be a part of. 

Google Brain Team

The Google Brain team started its work in 2011, when AI was neither a hot topic nor received its share of media hype, although the technology was making slow progress behind the lab doors for many years. The team worked towards finding practical applications for the technology, pushing it out of the lab and into the everyday products as fast as possible. 

 “Brain’s work was central in catapulting “deep learning” from the academic arena to the commercial prime time.”

Some of the top accomplishments of the project include:

  • Discovering two new planets in December 2017
  • Using AI software to write Wikipedia-style articles by summing up the information on the internet.
  • Embedding AI in many of Google’s products such as the Android Operating System's speech recognition system, image search, and video recommendations on YouTube. 

IBM Watson

IBM’s Watson is a name to be reckoned with in the world of AI and Machine Learning. It first came under the limelight as a supercomputer that outwitted against two of TV game shows, Jeopardy's greatest champions in 2011. Since then, Watson has made headlines as a dress designer, a movie director, and a chef

As IBM’s flagship artificial intelligence-fuelled system, Watson has made numerous contributions in the fields of finance, healthcare, entertainment, and retail. It is enabling businesses to connect easily and efficiently with their customers, gleaning insights from big data, and even helping doctors find treatments for cancer patients.

“Our responsibility to the scientific community is to push this technology as hard as we possibly can, because when we get out there in public, what we’re demonstrating is what is the state of the art, what can we really do.” — Dr. David Ferrucci, Principal Investigator, DeepQA Project, IBM

Spread across the world, the IBM Watson unit operates as a collaboration of ten different teams, namely algorithms team, strategy team, systems team, speech team, annotations team, China research lab team, Tokyo Research lab team, Haifa research lab team, project management team, and applications team. 

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Apple’s Siri and Core ML

As a company that’s never behind on a tech trend, Apple was quick to get on the AI bandwagon when it acquired Siri back in 2010. Since then, Siri has become an integral part of the Apple ecosystem. The virtual assistant isn’t just one of the sassiest of its kind but has even made an appearance in a movie

Core ML is another one of Apple’s Ai initiative — a machine learning API that the company launched in 2017 to enable native AI tasks and AI-focused apps and services from third-party developers to run more efficiently on iOS devices.

While previously, both the projects were run by different teams within Apple, the company has recently combined its various artificial intelligence divisions under one head. 


The computer graphics giant has been a pioneer in the field of AI computing. Reinventing visual computing for decades, the company has played a significant role in GPU’s evolution from a graphics chip into a core element of deep learning, machine learning, and AI applications. 

Today, enterprises are implementing AI/ML applications such as image and voice recognition, advanced financial modeling, and natural language processing (NLP) leveraging neural networks based on NVIDIA GPUs for faster training and real-time inference.

“NVIDIA’s AI and machine learning solutions have a big impact in enterprises across many industries.”Craig Weinstein, vice president, Americas Partner Organization at NVIDIA. 

Amazon AI

Since its early days, Amazon has relied on artificial intelligence to recommend products to buyers. But over the years, the ecommerce giant has realized the future and potential of AI — which has resulted in its array of AI services. 

With its AI services, Amazon has made developments in computer vision, speech, and natural language processing. It allows businesses to add capabilities like image and video analysis, personalized recommendations, virtual assistants, natural language, and forecasting to their applications without being proficient in machine learning. 

The AI team within AWS is tasked with the job of setting AI strategy and delivering ML services to AWS customers across multiple segments.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

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Artificial Intelligence Engineer

AI and ML as a Career Choice

AI and machine learning are changing our everyday interactions with the world. Be it something as big as a space program, an out-of-the-box innovation that no one ever thought of, or a mundane aspect of day-to-day life, nothing is untouched by these technologies. For professionals who are a part of these changes, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience and one that comes with a lucrative pay package. 

There’s no dearth of AI development companies on the market today, and it’s not all about the big fishes either. Applications of AI and machine language have boomed in the past few years, with dozens of AI startups launching major AI initiatives. 

If you’re aspiring for a career in tech and are driven by the motivation to bring meaningful changes in people’s lives, AI and machine learning is a fulfilling career choice. While AI-related degree programs are considered the best place to start, it’s often not a feasible option due to many reasons — you may not be in a position to go back to school or can’t afford to bear the burden of student loan (all over again). That’s where online courses come into the picture. 

With the Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning or the Machine Learning Course, you can equip yourself to be industry-ready and stand a chance to join these companies and be a part of cutting-edge innovation that’s transforming the world. 

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