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  • 12 hours of self-paced video
  • Two hands-on industry-based projects on healthcare and e-commerce
  • Includes training on business intelligence using Power BI
  • Eight practical exercises
  • Downloadable e-book

Course description

  • What is the focus of this course?

    Business Analytics with Excel training has been designed to help initiate you to the world of analytics, by using the most commonly used analytics tool (Microsoft Excel). This business analytics training will equip you with all the concepts and hard skills required for a strong analytics career basis. If you already have some experience in the IT or any core industry, this business analytics course will quickly teach you how to understand data and make data-driven decisions using Microsoft Excel. For those that are new to the analytics field, this course provides an excellent foundation of required concepts and skills. This business analytics training also delves into the statistical concepts that are important in deriving insights from available data in order to present findings using executive level dashboards. Finally, you will be introduced to Power BI, which is currently the latest and best tool provided by Microsoft for analytics and data visualization.

  • What are the course objectives?

    With Simplilearn’s training on business analytics with Excel, you will be able to:
    • Understand the meaning of business analytics and its importance in the industry
    • Grasp fundamentals of excel analytics functions and conditional formatting
    • Learn how to analyze with complex datasets using pivot tables and slicers
    • Solve stochastic and deterministic analytical problems using tools like scenario manager, solver and goal seek
    • Apply statistical tools and concepts like moving average, hypothesis testing, ANOVA and regression to data sets using Excel
    • Represent your findings using charts and dashboards
    • Get introduced to the latest Microsoft analytic and visualization tools i.e. Power BI

  • Who should take this course?

    Business Analytics with Excel is a great course for both beginners and experienced professionals who are inexperienced or have recently stepped into the field of analytics. This course is beneficial for:
    • IT developers and testers
    • Data analysts
    • Junior data scientists
    • Analytics professionals
    • BI and reporting professionals
    • Project managers
    • Students
    • Professionals working with data in any industry

  • What are the prerequisites for this course?

    There are no prerequisites for this business analytics course other than an analytical mindset. However, we do expect the participants to have a basic knowledge of working with Microsoft Excel.

  • What projects are included?

    Project 1 (Submission and Evaluation) - E-commerce
    The analytics team of an online e-commerce company wants to design a sales dashboard to analyze the sales based on various product categories. The company’s main interest is to add user control for product category, so users can select a category and then see the trend by month and product. The analytics team also wants to create a histogram to analyze number of shipping days.

    Project 2 (Practice) – Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
    The analytics team of a pharmaceutical company wants to design a dashboard to analyze the sales of products across various regions and brands. It wants to create a chart with user control functionality to enable users to easily see the total sales and commissions paid to external agents as categorized by brands and region.

Course preview

    • Lesson 00 - Introduction 05:27
      • 0.1 Course Introduction05:27
    • Lesson 01 - Introduction to Business Analytics 09:52
      • 1.1 Introduction02:15
      • 1.2 What Is in It for Me00:10
      • 1.3 Types of Analytics02:18
      • 1.4 Areas of Analytics04:06
      • 1.5 Quiz
      • 1.6 Key Takeaways00:52
      • 1.7 Conclusion00:11
    • Lesson 02 - Formatting Conditional Formatting and Important Fuctions 38:29
      • 2.1 Introduction02:12
      • 2.2 What Is in It for Me00:21
      • 2.3 Custom Formatting Introduction00:55
      • 2.4 Custom Formatting Example03:24
      • 2.5 Conditional Formatting Introduction00:44
      • 2.6 Conditional Formatting Example101:47
      • 2.7 Conditional Formatting Example202:43
      • 2.8 Conditional Formatting Example301:37
      • 2.9 Logical Functions04:00
      • 2.10 Lookup and Reference Functions00:28
      • 2.11 VLOOKUP Function02:14
      • 2.12 HLOOKUP Function01:19
      • 2.13 MATCH Function03:13
      • 2.14 INDEX and OFFSET Function03:50
      • 2.15 Statistical Function00:24
      • 2.16 SUMIFS Function01:27
      • 2.17 COUNTIFS Function01:13
      • 2.18 PERCENTILE and QUARTILE01:59
      • 2.19 STDEV, MEDIAN and RANK Function03:02
      • 2.20 Exercise Intro00:35
      • 2.21 Exercise
      • 2.22 Quiz
      • 2.23 Key Takeaways00:53
      • 2.24 Conclusion00:09
    • Lesson 03 - Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables 19:32
      • 3.1 Introduction01:47
      • 3.2 What Is in It for Me00:22
      • 3.3 Pivot Table Introduction01:03
      • 3.4 Concept Video of Creating a Pivot Table02:47
      • 3.5 Grouping in Pivot Table Introduction00:24
      • 3.6 Grouping in Pivot Table Example 101:42
      • 3.7 Grouping in Pivot Table Example 201:57
      • 3.8 Custom Calculation01:14
      • 3.9 Calculated Field and Calculated Item00:25
      • 3.10 Calculated Field Example01:22
      • 3.11 Calculated Item Example02:52
      • 3.12 Slicer Intro00:35
      • 3.13 Creating a Slicer01:22
      • 3.14 Exercise Intro00:58
      • 3.15 Exercise
      • 3.16 Quiz
      • 3.17 Key Takeaways00:35
      • 3.18 Conclusion00:07
    • Lesson 04 - Dashboarding 32:07
      • 4.1 Introduction01:18
      • 4.2 What Is in It for Me00:18
      • 4.3 What is a Dashboard00:45
      • 4.4 Principles of Great Dashboard Design02:16
      • 4.5 How to Create Chart in Excel02:26
      • 4.6 Chart Formatting01:45
      • 4.7 Thermometer Chart03:32
      • 4.8 Pareto Chart02:26
      • 4.9 Form Controls in Excel01:08
      • 4.10 Interactive Dashboard with Form Controls04:13
      • 4.11 Chart with Checkbox05:48
      • 4.12 Interactive Chart04:37
      • 4.13 Exercise Intro00:55
      • 4.14 Exercise1
      • 4.15 Exercise2
      • 4.16 Quiz
      • 4.17 Key Takeaways00:34
      • 4.18 Conclusion00:06
    • Lesson 05 - Business Analytics With Excel 25:48
      • 5.1 Introduction02:12
      • 5.2 What Is in It for Me00:24
      • 5.3 Concept Video Histogram05:18
      • 5.4 Concept Video Solver Addin05:00
      • 5.5 Concept Video Goal Seek02:57
      • 5.6 Concept Video Scenario Manager04:16
      • 5.7 Concept Video Data Table02:03
      • 5.8 Concept Video Descriptive Statistics01:58
      • 5.9 Exercise Intro00:52
      • 5.10 Exercise
      • 5.11 Quiz
      • 5.12 Key Takeaways00:39
      • 5.13 Conclusion00:09
    • Lesson 06 - Data Analysis Using Statistics 31:57
      • 6.1 Introduction01:51
      • 6.2 What Is in It for Me00:21
      • 6.3 Moving Average02:50
      • 6.4 Hypothesis Testing04:20
      • 6.5 ANOVA02:47
      • 6.6 Covariance01:56
      • 6.7 Correlation03:38
      • 6.8 Regression05:15
      • 6.9 Normal Distribution06:49
      • 6.10 Exercise1 Intro00:34
      • 6.11 Exercise 1
      • 6.12 Exercise2 Intro00:17
      • 6.13 Exercise 2
      • 6.14 Exercise3 Intro00:19
      • 6.15 Exercise 3
      • 6.16 Quiz
      • 6.17 Key Takeaways00:52
      • 6.18 Conclusion00:08
    • Lesson 07 - Power BI 14:01
      • 7.1 Introduction01:17
      • 7.2 What Is in It for Me00:18
      • 7.3 Power Pivot04:16
      • 7.4 Power View02:36
      • 7.5 Power Query02:45
      • 7.6 Power Map02:06
      • 7.7 Quiz
      • 7.8 Key Takeaways00:32
      • 7.9 Conclusion00:11
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Exam & certification

  • How do I get certified in business analytics with Excel?

    In order to get certified in business analytics with excel, you must complete and submit the evaluation project.

  • How are the projects conducted?

    • Problem statements along with data points are provided.
    • Projects will be submitted for evaluation by the course trainer through LMS.

  • How do I earn my Simplilearn certificate?

    Online Self-Learning:
    • Complete 85 percent of the course.
    • Complete one project.


  • What are the System Requirements?

    • Microsoft Excel 2016 recommended
    • Power BI (Download free version @

  • Who are the trainers?

    Highly qualified and certified instructors with industry relevant experience deliver trainings.

  • Can I cancel my enrollment? Do I get a refund?

    Yes, you can cancel your enrollment. We provide a complete refund after deducting the administration fee. To know more, please review our refund policy.

  • Who provides the certification?

    The certification is provided by Simplilearn.

  • What are the payment options?

    Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt will be issued to you automatically via email.
    • Visa debit/credit card
    • American Express and Diners Club card
    • MasterCard
    • PayPal

  • Who are the instructors and how are they selected?

    All of our highly-qualified trainers are certified, with more than 15 years of experience in training and working professionally in the field. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation and live training demonstration before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers who maintain a high alumni rating continue to train for us.

  • What is Global Teaching Assistance?

    Our teaching assistants are a dedicated team of subject matter experts here to help you get certified in your first attempt. They engage students proactively to ensure the course path is being followed and help you enrich your learning experience, from class onboarding to project mentoring and job assistance. Teaching Assistance is available during business hours.

  • What is covered under the 24/7 Support promise?

    We offer 24/7 support through email, chat, and calls. We also have a dedicated team that provides on-demand assistance through our community forum. What’s more, you will have lifetime access to the community forum, even after completion of your course with us.

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