Course description

  • What is the focus of this course?

    AWS Database Migration Service is an innovative service that helps you easily migrate your databases to the AWS cloud.

    This course will demonstrate the key functionality of AWS Database Migration Service and will help you understand how to easily and securely move databases into the AWS cloud platform to take advantage of the cost savings and scalability of AWS.

    You will also learn how the AWS Database Migration Service supports both homogenous and heterogeneous migrations and will see a demonstration of a SQL Server to MySQL database migration.

  • What are the course objectives?

    The main objectives of this course are:
    • Get an overview of AWS DMS
    • Understand how the AWS Schema Conversion tool works
    • Understand the three types of AWS Database Migration Service
    • Review the AWS Database Migration Service

  • Who should take this course?

    • AWS absolute beginners
    • Developers
    • SysOps professionals

  • What project will you be working on?

    As part of the coursework, you will complete the following project based on the industry use case.

    Project #1: Migrate SQL Server database to MySQL using AWS DMS

    Domain: Development
    1. Install AWS Schema Conversion Tool
    2. Use AWS Schema Conversion Tool to verify migration efforts
    3. Fix migration issues
    4. Verify that the Database Assessment report is clean
    5. Use AWS Schema Conversion Tool to apply converted schema to MySQL
    6. Configure AWS DMS for the database migration
    7. Run the SQL Server to MySQL database migration
    8. Verify the migration was successful

Course preview

    • Lesson 00 - Overview 04:16
      • 0.1 Overview04:16
    • Lesson 01 - Overview of AWS DMS 27:37
      • 1.1 Overview of AWS DMS00:48
      • 1.2 Introduction to AWS DMS02:31
      • 1.3 Knowledge check
      • 1.4 Difficulty of DMS05:03
      • 1.5 Knowledge check
      • 1.6 Overview of AWS database migration service01:25
      • 1.7 Knowledge check
      • 1.8 Overview of AWS Schema Conversion Tool01:17
      • 1.9 Knowledge check
      • 1.10 Why AWS DMS is Different from Other Tools and Services04:05
      • 1.11 Knowledge check
      • 1.12 Overview of AWS DMS Key Features and Benefits06:56
      • 1.13 Knowledge check
      • 1.14 Demo Environment Overview02:46
      • 1.15 Quiz
      • 1.16 Key Takeaways02:46
    • Lesson 02 - Schema Conversion Tool 34:14
      • 2.1 Schema Conversion tool00:40
      • 2.2 Learn the actions AWS Schema Conversion Tool can perform02:15
      • 2.3 Knowledge check
      • 2.4 Overview of steps in heterogeneous OLTP database migrations10:06
      • 2.5 Knowledge check
      • 2.6 OLTP database conversion from SQL Server to MySQL05:57
      • 2.7 Overview of steps in heterogeneous warehouse database migrations03:01
      • 2.8 Knowledge check
      • 2.9 Overview of how to deal with unmapped objects02:19
      • 2.10 Knowledge check
      • 2.11 Manually repair objects that cannot be converted automatically08:08
      • 2.12 Quiz
      • 2.13 Key Takeaways01:48
    • Lesson 03 - Database Migration Service 37:49
      • 3.1 Database Migration Service00:49
      • 3.2 Homogenous Migration Restriction01:17
      • 3.3 Knowledge check
      • 3.4 Database Consolidation Overview01:25
      • 3.5 Knowledge check
      • 3.6 Continuous Data Replication Overview01:13
      • 3.7 Knowledge check
      • 3.8 Configuring an AWS DMS Task21:57
      • 3.9 Knowledge check
      • 3.10 Demo Migrate data using AWS DMS09:57
      • 3.11 Quiz
      • 3.12 Key Takeaways01:11
    • Lesson 04 - AWS Database Migration Service Review 12:41
      • 4.1 Database Migration Service00:37
      • 4.2 AWS DMS Data Types01:18
      • 4.3 Knowledge check
      • 4.4 Monitoring a Database Migration Task02:41
      • 4.5 Knowledge check
      • 4.6 AWS DMS Best Practices05:26
      • 4.7 Knowledge check
      • 4.8 AWS Database Migration Service Information01:33
      • 4.9 Key Takeaways01:06
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    Course advisor

    Marc Weaver
    Marc Weaver AWS Solutions Architect & DB Expert, Author and Founder - Databasable

    Marc is an AWS solutions architect and Database Expert. He has over 15+ years of experience working with investments banks across the globe. He has authored courses on AWS solutions architecture and Database migration.


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