Content Strategist Job Description: Role, Responsibilities, Salary Trends, and More

Content is king in today's competitive marketing landscape. Businesses of all sizes are using content marketing as an essential marketing tool to increase brand awareness and conversion rates. Naturally, there's a huge demand for professionals who can develop and manage content. Enter the content strategist — the one who plans, oversees, and manages the entire content marketing strategy for a business. 

If you are excited about the possibility of planning and developing content for a brand, the content strategist role is ideal for you.  

Who is a Content Strategist?

The growth of content marketing has been explosive in the past decade and is showing no signs of stopping. Consumers are responding less than ever to traditional "push" marketing techniques. Smart marketers are shifting to digital content to win the attention of potential customers, to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Consistent, high-quality, and impactful content influences the decision-making of consumers more than any other strategy. Businesses are presenting relevant content through blog posts, tweets, YouTube videos, and more to connect with consumers and generate leads. 

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That is why content strategists are in great demand – to create useful, usable content. The content strategist job description focuses on planning and developing content strategies to use the content as a means to meet business and user needs.

LinkedIn, today, shows about 434,000 people having the job title Content Strategist, and 17,073 content strategist positions worldwide open to aspiring candidates. The demand is ever-growing, with content creation being a priority for 53% of marketers and content marketing accounting for nearly 29% of B2B marketing budgets. 

Wondering how to get there?

Let's take a look at the content strategist job description, along with duties and expectations. 

Content Strategist Job Description

A content strategist job description constitutes planning, designing, creating, editing, and publishing relevant content based on the company's business objectives and users' needs. The strategist's main job is to develop a content strategy that conforms to and sets out to achieve business goals. Carefully and strategically developed content aims to inform, entertain, inspire and engage potential customers. 

The main focus of the content strategist job description is content planning, which includes content creation, curation, planning, and research. As a strategist, you will have to develop creative ideas on how to engage the audience online and produce engaging content types. Ultimately, it will be your duty to ensure web content aligns with the brand and adds value to existing and prospective clients. The aim of an effective content strategy is to drive inbound traffic into the brand website and encourage the reader to take a profitable business action.  

The content strategist role requires excellent writing skills, client-facing skills, and significant SEO knowledge. The strategist must work with the organization's content management system, web analytics platform, SEO research software, and other tools that aid the content planning and publication process. They collect information about the different types of customer personas the business is targeting; perform extensive research and analysis on customer thoughts, and then devise content strategies to convert new and existing customers. 

Content Strategist Roles and Responsibilities

The content strategist role varies across organizations, but certain responsibilities of content strategists remain consistent. These include:

  • Perform exhaustive research to gain in-depth knowledge of all customer personas
  • Perform extensive research and analysis on consumer thoughts and trends
  • Create specifications and content appropriate for the brand's customer personas
  • Strategize content pillars and sub pillars
  • Planning editorial calendar and content proposition
  • Collaborate with content management teams, creative teams, writers to implement the strategy
  • Oversee writing style and tone for all content
  • Develop content governance guidelines for tone, style, and voice of all content, and ensure they are followed
  • Develop editorial strategy, so content is consistent across all delivery platforms
  • Conduct periodic content audits
  • Track and calculate content ROI
  • Ensure that content strategy meets business objectives
  • Strategize and improve content delivery and promotion  
  • Analyzing content marketing strategy to evaluate whether it's working or not 

A Day in the Life of a Content Strategist

A typical day for a content strategist might begin with meeting clients to formulate strategies for their content marketing program. As a content strategist, you might have to coordinate with freelancers, creatives, designers and brief them on how to tell client stories using editorial content, infographics, visuals, etc. 

Some days, you might have to write creative briefs, edit some copy or create narratives for infographics. An integral part of the content strategist job description is developing concepts for proprietary research, developing surveys, and then analyzing the data to choose the most attractive trends to create a content story about. 

Regular jobs in the content strategist role include;

  • Creating target audience profiles.
  • Learning their priorities and content needs.
  • Creating and managing social media campaigns.
  • Managing content marketing campaigns.
  • Implementing best SEO practices.
  • Building strategic partnerships. 

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Content Strategist Skills

As you begin your career as a content strategist, here are a few skill sets that you'll need to succeed.

  • Excellent copywriting skills – if you can't write great content, it doesn't matter how well you strategize it. You need excellent copywriting skills to be able to plan, direct, design, and edit content that get results. 
  • Content presentation skills – to be able to determine how content should be packaged for new and existing consumers, to induce them to take business actions
  • Content Delivery Skills – to determine the best distribution channel to deliver content to your audience
  • Experience in handling and strategizing marketing campaigns  
  • Content Monetization Skills – as a content strategist, you must be able to plan how your content can get customers to buy your product or service and thereby earn revenue. 
  • Multitasking and organizational skills – you will have to handle several types of projects and people regularly
  • Editorial competency – to conduct thorough audits to determine what content to be kept, edited, rewritten, and more
  • Good Analytical abilities to spot patterns and trends in content marketing data
  • Team-building skills
  • Having a keen interest in organizational goals and targets
  • Attention to Detail
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Pressure handling capabilities
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How to Become a Content Strategist

Once you develop the necessary skills for a content strategist, how do you actually go about getting a job as a content strategist?

Content strategist is a decent-paying job, and according to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary of a content strategist in the USA is $85,859. 

Most employers look for at least three to five years of experience in marketing-related roles like digital content manager, web writer, or content editor. 

A bachelor's degree is required in any of the subjects like English, journalism, communications, marketing, creative writing, technical writing, information management, etc.

To get an edge over competitors looking to pursue content strategist careers, get hands-on experience in digital content creation, content editing, learn the basics of SEO, develop a content strategist skill set. Finally, find an employer and a job that helps you maximize your strengths.  

An example of a career path to becoming a content strategist can be to develop your skills in different roles like content creator, content editor, SEO specialist before transitioning to the content strategist job.

In today's quickly evolving modern workforce, there is a constant need to learn new skills to keep on top of trends. In order to navigate this unpredictable working world, professionals will need to look beyond the skills of today or get left behind.

Upskilling is crucial for professionals wanting an exciting career – it will help adapt and evolve your domain knowledge, so it gets easier for you to get a new job, a new organization, or a new profession altogether.  

The Advanced Content Marketing Course from Simplilearn is the perfect upskilling platform for aspiring content strategist candidates to learn how to create compelling marketing content and master various aspects of effective content marketing strategies.

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