Data Analyst Salaries: 9 Highest Paying Industries Around the World

If you’re looking for a new career opportunity in a fast-growing field, consider becoming a data analyst. After all, companies these days highly depend on data for their continued success, and it’s important to have people on their team that can analyze this data. In fact, Forbes reported that 92 percent of enterprises are using data and analytics to gain greater insights into marketing.

Most businesses deal with a significant amount of data. Even a single marketing campaign can result in a lot of data to sift through. What does all this data mean? What’s important and what can be discarded? What does this information say about the performance of a particular campaign? How can this data help for future marketing plans? These are just some of the many things that a data analyst will determine. They are trained to spot patterns, collaborate with others, create reports, collect data and set up infrastructures, and other essential tasks. Most companies these days see the value in data analysis and are in need of qualified data analysts to make sense of this information.

Data Analyst Salaries: Top Paying Countries and Industries

These days, just about every business operation is backed by numbers. From sales to marketing campaign efforts, the information extracted from all this data narrates a story. It provides much-needed insight and can give businesses a better idea of what worked well, what didn’t, what to do differently in the future and what to be consistent with. With the right data, businesses can make more informed decisions.

Because most companies rely heavily on data, qualified data analysts are needed. As a data analyst, your job is to sort through data and present it in a simple and comprehensible format.

According to PayScale, the average salary in the United States for data analysts is $58,876, but this will vary depending on experience and other factors. The United States is one of the highest paying countries when it comes to data analyst salaries. reports that aside from the United States, the top-paying countries worldwide in this sector include Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

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Data Analyst Salary by Country

One of the biggest perks about working as a data analyst is that they’re in high demand around the world. If you don’t want to be tied down to a specific city, or even just to one country, working as a data analyst can offer you that freedom and flexibility.

Knowing about the average data analyst salaries in different countries ahead of time can be helpful, especially if you’re thinking about relocating. Average base salaries* in some of the top-paying countries around the world include:

  1. India: ₹9,78,432 (INR)
  2. USA: $92,164 (USD)
  3. United Kingdom: £55,525 (GBP)
  4. Canada: $99,825 (CAD)
  5. Australia: $118,457 (AUD)
  6. Singapore: $90,1375 (SGD)
  7. United Arab Emirates: 252,456 ‏(AED)

It’s also important to consider that while these are the base averages for various countries as a whole, they will also vary considerably based on the city.

Data Analyst Salary by Industry

Another advantage of working as a data analyst is the fact that so many different industries are employing data analysts. After all, most businesses these days make data-driven decisions, and qualified data analysts are needed to help with the process. 

If you’re torn about what industry to pursue, average salaries might help you in the decision-making process. LinkedIn, one of the top professional networking platforms, identified the following as the top-paying industries for data analysts, along with average annual salaries in the United States:

  1. Natural Resource & Mining

    Average annual Data Analyst salary: $107,000 - $117,000
  2. Scientific, and Technical Services

    Average annual Data Analyst salary: $80,408
  3. Utilities

    Average annual Data Analyst salary: $74,000 - $79,000
  4. Entertainment

    Average annual Data Analyst salary: $70,000
  5. Hardware and Networking

    Average annual Data Analyst salary: $67,000
  6. Software and IT services

    Average annual Data Analyst salary: $65,000
  7. Finance

    Average annual Data Analyst salary: $65,000
  8. Energy and Mining

    Average annual Data Analyst salary: $63,000
  9. Manufacturing

    Average annual Data Analyst salary: $55,000 - $59,000

Although these are the averages for data analyst salaries in some of the top-paying industries, keep in mind that some companies also offer average annual data analyst salaries that surpass these amounts. Some of these, according to LinkedIn, include Microsoft ($106,000 annually), Uber ($100,000 annually), and Google ($95,000 annually). 

While salary is certainly an important factor to consider when deciding what industry to work in, it’s also essential to consider what industry would interest you the most. The great thing about working as a data analyst is that because so many industries employ data analysts, there are a lot of options. This means more opportunities throughout your career and the chance to always change things up and challenge yourself.

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Check out this infographic below on the top data analyst salary based on country and industry:

Data Analyst Base Salary by Country and Role

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