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1. Which of the following options is TRUE about a Product Owner's time demands during an Agile project?
2. An organization is adopting Scrum newly. The Scrum Master is meeting with Facilities department with requests for ideal Agile work spaces. Which of the following is NOT a valid request for ideal Agile work spaces?
3. During Sprint Review, multiple defects (bugs) were reported. What is the best approach to handle these defects together?
4. There are multiple teams working on the same Scrum project. Each team is having its own Product Owner. Each team's backlog is randomly chosen. Why is this approach sub-optimal?
5. An ideal project to use Scrum methodology is one in which:
6. During Sprint Planning Meeting of a new Scrum team, three team members Adam, Ben, and Chris are arguing about who owns a Sprint Backlog item. Adam says Sprint Backlog items are owned by a Product Owner, Ben says complete team owns Sprint Backlog items, and Chris says the member who is going to work on a Sprint Backlog item owns that backlog item. Who is correct?
7. A former Project Manager is appointed as a Scrum Master for the first time. What is the best strategy for this former Project Manager to transition from Waterfall to Agile?
8. During a Sprint Planning Meeting, a Product Owner is trying to allocate workload for team members. Why should the Scrum Master argue against this action?
9. A Product Owner is rejecting many User Stories in Sprint Review. He quotes that the team has not met the acceptance criteria. The team says they followed the acceptance criteria. What could be the root cause here?
10. A team is new to Scrum and doing their Sprint Planning Meeting for the first time. The Business Sponsor participates in this meeting and asks what would be the expected outcome from the first Sprint. What should the Scrum Master's answer be?
11. A Product Owner, James, is arguing that he will facilitate and lead the first Sprint Planning Meeting of a team that is new to Scrum. Who should facilitate the Sprint Planning Meeting?
12. A Business person is playing the role of the Product Owner for the first time. This new Product Owner insists that all backlog items must have complete details at the beginning itself. As a Scrum Master, what should be your answer?
13. A team is using Story points for estimation. During the first Sprint of 4 weeks' duration, at the end of 3rd week, no User Stories are complete and the team's velocity is zero. All team members are demotivated and disappointed. What should the Scrum Master do now?
14. A Scrum Team compares current backlog items with similar items completed in previous Sprints when estimating backlog items. What is this technique called?
15. A team is undergoing Agile transition and working in Scrum for the first time. It is not sure how legacy bugs are to be handled. What is the best approach to deal with these legacy bugs?
16. During Planning Poker, all team members estimate the effort required. What is the advantage of all team members, irrespective of them having all technical knowledge, estimating together?
17. A team is practicing Scrum for the first time. They are not able to arrive at a conclusion on the duration of the Sprint. What is the best answer a Scrum Master can give in this situation?
18. An Agile project involves teams from different locations distributed across the world. What is the best way for reducing the risk for potential conflict between locations?
19. Inexperienced Agile teams will have problems in estimating during the first Sprint. It is possible that mostly they will over estimate. Which of the following is an important activity in this situation?
20. An Agile team is arguing on understanding the User Stories in a Sprint Planning Meeting. Which Scrum role is responsible for ensuring that the team understands User Stories?
21. You're currently using AWS Auto Scaling for your application. Your app is running a fleet of VMs behind the Elastic Load Balancer that scales out and in, in accordance with the current amount of received traffic. You are preparing for an advertising campaign which will attract more visitors than you currently have, and increase your traffic 10 times. Your calculations show that at the peak time of traffic, you will need up to 120 EC2 instances. What preparations must be done to get your infrastructure ready for the traffic spikes? (Select all that apply)
22. You have an Auto Scaling group running behind Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) and associated with that ELB. You have noticed that some of the instances in the Auto Scaling Group were marked as unhealthy by the ELB, but were not terminated. What setting do you need to change so that the instances marked as unhealthy by the ELB would be terminated correctly by the Auto Scaling during its normal Self-healing procedure?
23. Which two AWS services provide out-of-the-box user configurable automatic backup-as-a-service and backup rotation options? (Select all that apply)
24. You have a stateless web-style application with a CPU and memory-intensive web tier running on a c3.8xlarge EC2 instance inside of a VPC. The instance when under load faces problems returning requests within the SLA, as defined by your business. The application maintains its state in a DynamoDB table, but the data tier is properly provisioned and responses are consistently fast. How can you best resolve the issue of the application responses not meeting your SLA?
25. You are managing a legacy application inside of the VPC with hard-coded IP addresses in its configuration. Which two mechanisms will allow the application to failover to new instances without the need for reconfiguration? (Select all that apply)
26. Your organization's security policy requires that all privileged users either use frequently rotated passwords or one-time access credentials in addition to username/password.Which of the two following options would allow an organization to enforce this policy for AWS users? (Select all that apply)
27. Which of the following are the characteristics of Amazon S3? (Select all that apply)
28. You receive an urgent call from a new DBA who accidentally dropped a table containing all your customers. Which Amazon RDS feature will allow you to reliably restore your database to within 5 minutes of when the mistake was made?
29. A media company produces new video files on premises every day with a total size of around 100GBs after compression. All files have a size of 1-2 GB and need to be uploaded to Amazon S3 every night in a fixed time window between 3am and 5am. Current upload takes almost 3 hours, although less than half of the available bandwidth is used. What step(s) would ensure that the file uploads are able to complete in the allotted time window?
30. You are running a web-application on AWS consisting of the following components: an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), an Auto-Scaling Group of EC2 instances running Linux/PHP/Apache, and Relational DataBase Service (RDS) MySQL. Which security measure falls into AWS's responsibility?
31. You use S3 to store critical data for your company. Several users within your group currently have full permissions to your S3 buckets. You need to come up with a solution that does not impact your users and also protect against the accidental deletion of objects. Which two options will address this issue? (Select all that apply)
32. Your company is moving towards tracking web page users with a small tracking image loaded on each page. Currently you are serving this image out of US-East, but are starting to get concerned about the time it takes to load the image for users on the west coast. What are the two best ways to speed up serving this image? (Select all that apply)
33. If you want to launch Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances and assign each instance a predetermined private IP address you should:
34. A customer has a web application that uses cookie based sessions to track logged in users. It is deployed on AWS using ELB and Auto Scaling. The customer observes that when load increases, Auto Scaling launches new instances but the load on the existing instances does not decrease, causing all existing users to have a sluggish experience. Which two answer choices independently describe a behavior that could be the cause of the sluggish user experience? (Select all that apply)
35. What would happen to an RDS (Relational Database Service) multi-Availability Zone deployment if the primary DB instance fails?
36. How can the domain's zone apex for example" be pointed towards an Elastic Load Balancer?"
37. An organization has created 5 IAM users. The organization wants to give them the same login ID but different passwords. How can the organization achieve this?
38. A user is planning to evaluate AWS for the internal use. The user does not want to incur any charge on the account during the evaluation. Which of the below mentioned AWS services would incur a charge if used?
39. An admin is planning to monitor the ELB. Which of the below mentioned services does NOT help the admin capture the monitoring information about the ELB activity?
40. Your organization is preparing to leverage AWS Cloudformation. Which of the below statements will NOT help you to correctly describe Cloudformation?
41. What is the other name for attributes?
42. Which of the following is a type Primary Key?
43. Which of the following Dynamo data types includes a string set, a binary set, and a number set?
44. Which of the following has a unique decimal number or a code point?
45. True or False is an attribute of _____.
46. Which of the following services creates and provisions AWS resources?
47. What offers profitable, resizable capacity for your databases?
48. A(n)_____ aims to control access to a DB instance.
49. What is applied to a DB instance if you do not specify the desired parameter group while creating the instance?
50. Through which option does Amazon maintain a synchronous reserved replica of that DB instance?


  • What is the DevOps Engineer practice test?

    The DevOps Engineer free practice test is a demonstration of the DevOps Engineer certification exam. The test includes a total of 50 multiple choice questions that you are likely to face in the actual certification exam. The objective of this test is to validate your understanding of DevOps concepts and tools like Jenkins, Git, and Kubernetes.

  • Who can take up this DevOps Engineer sample test?

    The DevOps Engineer mock test can be taken up by anyone who wants to start a career in DevOps.

  • What will I learn from this DevOps Engineer practice exam?

    This DevOps Engineer online test lets you understand whether you are well versed in every aspect of DevOps. By attempting the questions on principles of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, and various DevOps tools, you’ll take a step ahead in your journey to become a DevOps engineer.

  • What are the requirements to take this DevOps Engineer mock test?

    The DevOps Engineer certification dumps don’t involve any prerequisites.

  • Will the Practice Tests be updated frequently?

    Yes, our DevOps Engineer practice questions are updated frequently to include any latest trends relevant to the field.

  • Will this DevOps Engineer sample test help in clearing the actual certification exam?

    The DevOps Engineer practice exam gives you a clear indication of what you can expect to face in the actual DevOps exam. By taking this test, it will be a lot easier for you to take the actual exam.

  • What is included in this DevOps Engineer certification dumps?

    There are 50 DevOps Engineer test questions of the multiple-choice format in this test. While the test duration is 100 minutes, you can also pause it. 

  • Can I retake this Certified DevOps Engineer Practice Test?

    Yes, you can attempt this DevOps Engineer mock test multiple times. But, you will get the best practice experience only when you are fully prepared to take the test.

  • Are these the same questions I'll see on the real exam?

    Our DevOps Engineer MCQs are quite similar to the ones you’ll face in the DevOps Engineer certification exam. 

  • I didn’t do well on this practice test. What should I do now?

    You can retake the test if you didn’t perform well in your first attempt. If you feel you need better preparation, you can consider taking Simplilearn’s DevOps Engineer course and then the test.

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