8 Benefits of Digital Marketing and Reasons Why it Should Be Your Next Career Move

With COVID-19 reshaping the commercial landscape and online becoming the go-to place for consumers, the spotlight is shining bright on the importance of having a successful digital presence.  

More businesses than ever are tapping into the benefits of digital marketing to respond to the changes, challenges, and opportunities in the “new normal”. They are looking for expert strategies and new tactics to find a balance and harmony in these unpredictable times. As a result, certified digital marketers are seeing an unprecedented surge in demand. 

If you’ve been wanting to build a career in digital marketing, there couldn’t be a better time! 

Read on as we uncover the basics of what is digital marketing all about, the benefits of digital marketing, and why digital marketing careers are hot right now.   

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services to connect with existing and potential customers using electronic devices like computers, phones, tablets, etc. Also called online marketing, digital marketing is done mainly through the Internet, using digital channels like social media, search engines, emails, mobile apps, text and multimedia messages, and other websites.

The key to successful marketing has always been about connecting with the target audience in the right place, at the right time. Today - when screen-time of consumers is at an all-time high - the best place to meet them is: on the Internet. Businesses worldwide are taking advantage of this reality. They are using effective digital marketing strategies to ensure their marketing efforts are more likely to reach customers and will, in turn, lead to significant commercial benefits. 

Digital marketing helps to reach a larger audience and is often more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Let’s dive into the major digital marketing benefits that make it necessary for today’s business – be it startups or enterprises. 

Top 8 Benefits of Digital Marketing

1. Cost-Effective

One of the most important benefits of digital marketing is that it is very affordable. Digital marketing helps businesses save money while acquiring more leads. Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing allows even small businesses to achieve a global reach and compete with larger businesses without a hefty price tag attached. Any small business can create a website, manage social media and publish blogs to reach customers. This can ensure a high ROI even without having to spend a fortune. 

Plus, while traditional marketing tactics involve various hidden costs, digital marketing requires little costs other than time. It can take time to get results from SEO, content marketing, and social media engagement. However, digital advertising services like Pay-per-Click (PPC) produce quicker results and also allow you to choose your budget for your campaign. 

2. Measurable

It’s important for a business to track the results of money invested in a marketing campaign to know if the strategy is working. It’s difficult to track a traditional marketing campaign, but you can measure the results of every digital marketing tactic you use.  

Another reason why digital marketing is the best marketing strategy is that you can regularly track promotional campaigns in real-time and reduce the money you’re spending on any particular medium if it isn’t demonstrating high ROI. This allows you to reduce unnecessary expenses, and you can use the insight gained to plan better campaigns in the future. 

3. Target the Right Audience

Many digital marketing platforms allow brands to target a specific audience interested in their products/services and want to hear from them. It is challenging to target people with traditional marketing methods because usually, the message goes to everyone in hopes of reaching the right people. 

For instance, you can utilize the targeting features of social media to show social media adverts to specific users depending on age, gender, location, interests, or behaviors. Such a strategy lets you refine your marketing tactics over time to ensure you connect with consumers who are most likely to buy.  

4. Engage Customer at Every Buying Stage

In digital marketing, marketers can track the different steps a customer makes, and often that begins right at the start of the buying journey. It’s crucial to make an early impact. You want buyers to recognize your business and choose your brand over competitors. Most people conduct online research and assess reviews before making a purchase. They turn to Google or other search engines to look for the solutions they need. That is where businesses with relevant and engaging content, plus developed SEO, SEM, and PPC tactics, can improve their online visibility and connect with customers when it matters most.  

5. Dynamic Adaptability

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that it is extremely malleable and flexible, allowing you to make changes as you go. With traditional marketing, once your billboards or flyers are up, you can’t make alterations until the end of your campaign. However, if you invest in digital marketing, you have the power to make changes to your online content, social media ads, PPC, SEO campaigns whenever you need. 

6. Global Reach

Digital marketing benefits are not limited to a specific geographic area. The Internet is available to users worldwide, and about one-third of the global population uses social media platforms regularly. Social media provides an effective platform to connect and engage with target consumers. Thus, digital marketers can reach customers far and wide in a different state or country. Traditional marketing techniques, on the contrary, will experience a limit in scope and size. 

7. Better Conversion Rate

Most notable among the benefits of digital marketing is its ability to improve conversion rates. In offline marketing, it’s often difficult to track conversion rates as everything is happening offline. With digital marketing, every interaction is tracked. You immediately know if a user views your ad or takes an action. Digital marketers use strategies like Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to increase conversion rate. Focusing on more targeted consumers increases the chance of a business to earn conversions, which leads to overall growth. 

8. Relationship Building

Businesses that engage in effective digital marketing strategies establish frequent communications with customers through tactics like personalized email offers and social media engagement. This helps increase customer loyalty and retains customers even after the sale. Studies show about 40% of online revenue is generated by repeat customers, who constitute 8% of website visitors.  

Overall, no matter what size a business is – it can achieve immense benefits through effective use of digital marketing strategies. No wonder so many businesses are succeeding with online marketing efforts. They have to employ several professionals in different roles with specific skill sets to help with digital marketing. 

Digital marketing as a career is taking the world by storm. Let’s find out more.   

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Why Digital Marketing as a Career and Top Digital Marketing Careers

With an ever-increasing demand for skilled digital marketers, there are plenty of opportunities out there for professionals looking to get into the field. If you are one of them, first, you need to understand that digital marketing is a wide field, and there are plenty of avenues to choose from if you enter it. Coders, Data Science professionals, writers, graphic designers, video editors can make a shift to digital marketing careers.  

Digital marketers use a variety of digital marketing channels to connect with customers and promote sales and activities. The role of a digital marketer involves developing multi-channel communication tactics for the organization aimed at targeting consumers, both directly and indirectly.    

A degree in web development, marketing management, designing, or copywriting is preferred among skills for digital marketers. If you specialize in skills like SEO and SEM that help businesses reap benefits, chances are you can easily bag a high-paying digital marketing job. 

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Top Digital Marketing Careers 

Any fresher entering a digital marketing career will generally start in junior roles like digital marketing assistant and then progress onto experienced roles within two to five years. Major roles in digital marketing are:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Manager 
  • SEM/PPC expert 
  • Web developer/designer 
  • Social Media Manager 
  • Content Marketer

There are many other digital marketing career roles depending upon organizations and industries. Some of these are Analytics Manager, CRM Manager, Email Marketing Manager, E-Commerce Manager, Digital Agency Account Director. 

That was all about the benefits of Digital Marketing.

Salary Trends for some of the hottest digital marketing jobs are:

Average Digital Marketing Specialist Salary - $50,139 annually in the US; £25,755 annually in the UK

Average Social Media Manager Salary - $44,160 annually in the US; £32,310 annually in the UK

Average Digital Marketing Analyst Salary - $52,166 annually in the US; £32,930 annually in the UK

To enjoy an edge over competitors looking to pursue digital marketing careers, it is important that you learn the right skills from the right provider. Take your first step towards being a successful digital marketing expert in this evolving and exceedingly lucrative field. Consider enrolling in the best digital marketing course offered by Simplilearn, the world’s #1 online certification training provider. 

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