Irresistible Email Subject Lines: Examples of Click-worthy Copy

What makes an email subject line irresistible? Is it the choice of words, the way it makes you feel, or the promise of a reward on the other side of the click?

Email subject lines are incredibly important to successful marketing campaigns. They not only set expectations for readers, but they also engage readers with language that leaves them wanting to know more, do more, or earn more.

In other words, how well your subject lines are written determines the outcome of your email marketing initiatives.  

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To get you inspired to write a click-worthy copy, here are a few exceptional examples.

Make Them Curious

Is there anything better than an email subject line your readers can’t resist? With the right words in place, you can create the kind of curiosity that leaves readers needing to know — or with, what some might call, the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Plant Therapy does this well: 


Not only does the email subject line leave readers wanting to know more (why won’t they regret it?), but their inbox preview copy supports the subject line by making it nearly impossible not to click on the email (they want to be glad they opened it).

Tip: When using curiosity language, make sure the reward in the actual email is deserving of the click. There’s nothing worse than feeling baited into something undesirable (it will probably also encourage readers to unsubscribe).

Create Urgency

There is no time like the present to create an irresistible email subject line, especially if you’re offering a limited-time discount, and you want readers to act on it.

Creating a sense of urgency in your email subject lines can help increase your open rates and encourage readers to become customers.

Here’s a great example from Berkey Filters:


To communicate the time-sensitive nature of their offer, Berkey uses language that encourages readers to do something right away and tells them how long they have left to do it. The hourglass emoji reinforces the message and helps the email stand out in a crowded inbox.

Tip: When trying to nudge readers to take action, urgency language can help as long as you keep it positive. Your recipients don’t want to feel like something bad is going to happen if they don’t take you up on the offer.

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Get Personal

Personalizing your email subject lines is a smart way to engage readers, and it can increase open rates by an average of 50 percent.

Whether you include the recipient’s first name in your copy, or you use language that reflects personal behaviors and interests, getting closer to your readers means you need to go deeper with your copy.

American Express does this successfully by relating to the reader’s personal interests:


By segmenting their recipients into those who specifically like dining, American Express speaks directly to the pastimes of their readers and promises rewards to boot.

Tip: It is possible to get too personal, so be careful with what you write. For example, instead of saying, “We see you favorited new underwear last week on our website,” you might try, “Your favorite items are now 50% off!”

Make an Offer  

When you want to increase email open rates, there is no better way than including an offer your customers can’t refuse.  

This is exactly the approach Apple takes with their email subject line:


By promising free delivery in two hours, Apple surprises readers with an offer that’s unexpected and quite valuable for those who can’t make it to a physical store. If you want to capture sales from customers who are still thinking about a purchase, then an email subject line with the right offer could be just the thing to get the conversion.

Tip: When creating an offer email subject line, make sure nothing about your language is misleading. It’s okay to elaborate in the email content, but the subject line needs to be 100 percent accurate.

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Wrapping Up

Whatever your goals are with email marketing, make sure you are putting enough resources into developing effective subject lines. That way, you can move readers closer to the desired action and build a better user experience along the way.

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