Influencer marketing has made a big splash over the last couple of years – positively and negatively. Some brands have experienced tremendous success with campaigns, while others shun the practice altogether.

Despite the differences in opinion, influencer marketing has long been praised as the channel with the best ROI. It’s a big reason many marketers continue to pursue this unique approach to raising awareness and increasing engagement.

So what brands have had success with influencer marketing? Let’s have a look at some of the best and brightest campaigns of our time.

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If you haven’t heard of this lifestyle subscription brand, it might only be because you’re not in the target demographic. Otherwise, you have undoubtedly seen FabFitFun all over your social media feeds, often alongside someone of influence.

For example, FabFitFun leveraged celebrity cook, Ayesha Curry, as part of their influencer marketing on Facebook:

Fab Fit Fun - FB Video

Since the brand first tapped into the channel back in 2014, FabFitFun has worked with more than 10,000 influencers – including their customers (which turned out to be one of their most successful campaigns).

Due to their influencer marketing success, FabFitFun is also growing 300% YOY – an incredibly impressive number for any brand.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a meal kit delivery service that bet heavily on influencer marketing – and is still winning.

Compared to its competitors, Hello Fresh owns 55 percent influencer share of voice, showing the brand dominates the conversation within the industry.

It’s worked with a range of influencers, from celebrities to high-profile foodies like Emilie Hebert, to increase awareness and buy-in.


Overall, Hello Fresh has experienced tremendous success with influencer marketing, due in large part to finding the right influencers to help them reach new audiences.


Bet you didn’t expect to see this brand in the same sentence as influencer marketing. Timex experienced terrific results with its #TakeTime campaign.

Leveraging 22 influencers with an average of 85,000 followers each, Timex reached a wider audience and achieved an impressive engagement rate of 7.5% during this campaign.

Among its crew was Drew Jessup, best known as a social media influencer focusing on lifestyle and personal growth. 


It’s interesting to note that Timex opted to collaborate with larger influencers, at a time when we are being told micro-influencers deliver a better return. It just goes to show that doing your research on influencers helps you make better decisions, even if it goes against popular opinion.

American Express

One reason many brands look to influencer marketing is the opportunity to break through the noise, and this is precisely what American Express sought to accomplish with its “My Travel Style” campaign.

Using video content featuring famous athletes, bloggers, and celebrities, American Express created relatable content that was more engaging and effective.   

Just how successful was this influencer marketing strategy? It boosted acquisition rates by a whopping 400% on Facebook alone.


With its highly successful influencer marketing campaign, Lyft – the popular rideshare service – has proven it’s going places other than the highway. 

In fact, Lyft was the most mentioned brand of 2018, and it recorded 5.9 million engagements per year.

How does it achieve such lofty goals? It works with a variety of influencers, from big-name celebrities to micro-influencers, to extend the reach of messaging to different audiences.

Peyton Mabry posts influencer content for Lyft to a smaller, yet still significant, set of followers. Micro-influencers tend to have more engaged audiences than those with a larger number of followers. 

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What We Can Learn from the Success of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

While many other brands have done influencer marketing the right way, it’s not an easy task. These successful brands have shown us that taking the time to choose the right influencers, learning how to break through the noise, leveraging various types of content, and using a variety of influencers can be the determining factor in making a big impact online.

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