Do digital marketing veteran names like Neil Patel, Seth Godin, Ann Hadley and Avinash Kaushik sound like your aspirational future self? If so, then you have all the making of the passionate digital marketing ninja that brands and corporates across the world are looking out for. There are various career paths available for a digital marketer but you need extensive research as well as information in order to exceed as a digital marketing specialist.

There are educational degrees that might help your chances of becoming a digital marketing specialist but this is absolutely not a mandatory qualification. Digital marketing is a phenomenon that is seldom about education and more about strategic learning and training. Here is your guide to transform yourself from a novice to a digital marketing expert. Your most critical questions regarding digital marketing career are answered below:

Guide of Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing as a career as well as, as a marketing tool, is on a road to progress. In fact, 2016 can be the year of transformation with digital marketing being used not just as one of the marketing tools but a solid platform for all the marketing activities. According to MarketingProfs, digital marketing can provide burgeoning career opportunities in 2016 because:

  • There are higher budgets being allocated to digital marketing in corporates around the world and trained workforce will be required to run the department effectively and efficiently.
  • ROI for social media is a measurable metric today and significantly determines the brand strength as well as helps in honing the brand image.
  • Mobile advertising is the most effective platform for advertising and this being an evolving platform, there is a significant need for trained professionals to capture this space.
  • The latest technologies are constantly expanding the reach of digital marketing and there is an increasing need for corporates around the world to match the pace of the technologies in order the extract the best out of digital marketing.

The future of digital marketing can be said to be mainly driven by multichannel marketing, customer intelligence and the Internet of Things. These three dimensions of digital marketing are transforming the tools as well as the metrics of digital marketing.

Learning Digital Marketing: A Holistic View

Digital marketing is neither just a technology nor just a theory thus it is not about education. All you need to become a digital marketing expert is the ability to adapt and learn, out of the box thinking and awareness about the innovative technologies transforming the way we look at data and information.

Digital marketing is more about experiential learning than theory. Check out the guide to learn the different digital marketing terms. In a standard education format, there are not many case studies to bring about the actual application and potential of digital marketing or any other business tool for that matter. Plus digital marketing is a constantly transforming platform and there can’t be books written as rapidly as the digital marketing sphere is transforming. Your expertise is accumulated through learning, implementing, and reworking. The constantly evolving world of digital marketing needs you to be updated consistently while working directly with the tools and techniques.

This can come about in two ways

  1. Learn everything about digital marketing from courses, mentors and peers
  2. Read case studies and try to see what worked and most importantly learning from failures

The core structure of the digital marketing team and the individual experiences can collectively impact whether the digital marketing program is planned elaborately or only covers the basic needs outlined by the organization.

Digital marketing is not a well-defined course that can be completed in a specific amount of time. Digital marketing comprises a gamut of skills as well as technologies/certifications that can be completed in a specific amount of time.

Digital marketing is a diverse field encompassing various aspects of capturing, controlling as well as retaining the customer’s attention as well as the interest. While digital marketing experts need to be passionate learners, technology enthusiasts, proactive and creative thinkers, there are also specific skills that can make one’s journey as a digital marketer more fulfilling and worthwhile.

  1. Analytics: Analytics is doing magic with numbers. Analytics can very well be called the backbone of digital marketing. Analytics is about taking qualitative decisions with the business on the basis of quantitative metrics such as past data etc.
  2. SEO: SEO is an absolute necessity and it is not just a proven formula but also a constantly evolving space that needs constant research to stay ahead of the game.
  3. Content Marketing: Content is the new aspect that drives customers. Content marketing is a curious mix of creativity and technology and thus, can be leveraged to make digital marketing more appealing and effective.

Apart from these skills, here is a comprehensive list of 11 skills that complete the profile of a digital marketer in today’s scenario. Even the basic form of learning as beginners experience in some of these skills and aspects can count as enough to start a career in digital marketing.

A Blend of Theoretical Knowledge & Practical Knowledge

Learning digital marketing is all about the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. Here is how both bring about effective learning:

Theoretical Knowledge

  • Outlines the fundamentals
  • Case studies can be used as an effective tool to understand real life scenarios
  • It acquaints you with some of the challenges that might be faced in real life situations

Practical Knowledge

  • Strengthens understanding of where and how theoretical knowledge can be applied
  • Experimentation forms a key part of the execution of the digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Learning Sources

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