How to make Project Team Members perform well- 3 crisp Do’s that you should know

A successful project is indebted to an effective project team. How to get one is the major concern. Before going to that point, let’s understand what exactly a team is. A team comprises of a group of people linked in a common purpose for conducting task that are high in complexity and have many interdependent subtasks. A team often comes up generating ideas which is fruitful for the establishment of the project. A truly effective team will contribute to the personal well-being and adaptive growth of a project.

And now here the question lies, what is the key to build a good team which will ultimately lead to the growth and success of a project. There is no surefire recipe to build a good team, but there is surely lot many ways by which we can put our efforts to build one. It is not necessary that every member in a team is super skilled, rather it should be a mix of people who can complement each other’s skills. Besides, the main ingredient of a good team should be the right mix of trust, ambition and encouragement among team members. Also, there should be proper interaction and understanding among each other. The very first thing one needs to do in order to build an efficient team is to establish a defined objective based on which the team will put its effort to an effective point. Patience, involvement, dedication etc., are other major criteria to build up a good team. Besides, each team member’s experience works as a catalyst for building a strong and effective team.

Here are three crisp dos that one should know to make project team members work well.

1. Allotment of defined task Distribution of defined roles and responsibilities to team members is important. This will make them feel empowered. One feels responsible enough to carry out the task allotted to him/her and carries them efficiently as per his/her capability. This also helps a company to put forth an effective prospective. There might be employees who do not prefer to take responsibility and extra work. One need to find ways to keep such employees focused and motivated and try to get the best out of them as well.
2. Support and encourage the team members:  It must be ensured that the team members should receive proper motivation and encouragement for their positive and active participation. This will have a significant effect on their performance and behavior. Encouraging or motivating people may also involve spending time and listening what people want and what people do not want. Team members should be given free hand at work and treated as a colleague and not a subordinate.
3. Make each member feel important: One should take care that each team member feel himself/herself as a part of the team. This will bring out active participation of the team members in a project. Promoting team bonding in any way possible will help the team to attain its prospective growth. You can make your team member feel important by actively trying to keep the work environment positive. One of the best ways to keep the employees motivated is by giving them rewards and promotions for their positive contribution towards the project.


Efficiency of a team doesn’t depend only on the team leader though he or she plays a major role in the smooth run of the project. A happy motivated team always performs well. People respond positively to positive behavior. No matter what type of project you are managing, you will always need the right team to support your efforts and ensure overall success.
These are few ways through which one can build a strong and performing team towards achieving successful results.
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