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Julie Perry

Last updated July 19, 2017


Beginning her journey as a print ad salesperson, Julie Perry caught the marketing bug in 2001. What began as an interest in marketing analytics quickly turned into a passion - and left her thirsty for more. Today, Julie is the Digital Marketing Service Director at BlueSky Technology Partners and helps her company offer digital marketing solutions worth $500,000 to its clients.

What made the difference? We caught up with her recently to find out more.

When did you find your calling in life?

Who says I’ve found it? (Kidding.)

I dabbled in online marketing in my mid-20s. I was in sales, and expected to try and upsell people into purchasing banner ads on our magazine’s website. Here, I used marketing analytics to report on actual traffic and clicks. This was a lot more gratifying than reporting vague circulation numbers!

Quote 1

The reporting was so sharp that our marketing performance improved considerably. Soon, clients began to ask me for advice on conversion. I began to develop best practices for banners, which led me to start studying online marketing tactics on my own.

A couple years later when I’d written a book that I wanted to sell online, I began applying all of those same tactics to sell my book via my own website. I got in on the ground floor with social media sites like MySpace (RIP), Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

When I was the one personally reaping the rewards of marketing done right on these new media platforms, I fell in love with online marketing even more. I couldn’t wait to help others find success with these new forms of digital media to get their message out and move product/services. I now work at a digital marketing agency, where I can hone my own skills and try out new tactics across a wide array of clients in a variety of industries, both B2B and B2C. Whether it’s going for sales or aiming for leads, every day is a joy going for the click and the conversion, and being able to measure it all instantly brings such a sense of accomplishment.

Quote 2

How did you get into digital marketing full-time?

A few years after I first discovered the joys of online marketing, I enrolled for your online certification course in digital marketing. This helped me land a dream role at a digital marketing agency.

Even before I finished my course, I was able to apply the learning on the course to close a sales lead. I provided the client with a detailed e-commerce Web Analytics Measurement, which they were impressed with.

Eventually, I used my training to close the prospect on a $496,000 digital-marketing services contract (annual) that included content marketing/SEO, paid, display, five different social platforms, digital PR, and email marketing.

Quote 3

We’re three months into the contract, and the client is absolutely thrilled! One of my team members enrolled on your course this spring, and we’ve already assigned him a client to use for his final project.

What challenges have you had to overcome during the course of your training?

MS Excel has never been my strong suit, so while learning Web Analytics, I was simultaneously trying to up my skills with that particular tool. Being able to pull and analyze reports within a web application is one thing, but being able to pull that data and format it into a dashboard to convey my findings in a clear and easily readable manner was a whole new ball game for me. It required a little more work on my part, but it was totally worth it.

Quote 4

How was your experience with us?

I can honestly say it was the most challenging course I’ve taken since college—and I’ve taken a lot of online certifications. But wow, was it worth it!

The content is phenomenal, and the trainers are leading experts in the field, so you know you’re learning from the best. I did a ton of research on various analytics training courses before I chose this one, and I am glad I took the advice I read online about this being the best. You can’t beat the fact it has videos that accompany each training module, and the quizzes and homework assignments require that you apply what you learn each week.

What did you love most about our digital marketing certification program?

I took Advanced Web Analytics through the University of San Francisco back in 2011-12, and I got more out of your Web Analytics course in just the first three weeks than I did out of University of San Francisco’s entire program.

You can go online and take free tutorials to get Google Analytics certified, but when you do that, you’re only learning how to use a tool to locate and compile data. Instead of how to use specific tools, the focus of the web analytics course is on how to actually APPLY web-analytics data to inform business decisions. The methods we learned enable us to take measurable action against strategic goals, and that’s offering real value to a business.

What interesting, amazing challenge have you got your sights set on, next?

I am currently building our digital marketing services around formalized Website Audits for our agency’s clients and prospects. I am also entertaining the idea of taking another of your courses in the fall, very likely the Paid Search course.

About the Author

Julie is a data-driven marketer passionate about helping companies apply technology to energize sales and solve customer acquisition and retention challenges. She has 15 years digital marketing experience with a strong track record of success in leading teams to develop winning digital-campaign strategies for SMBs, as well as local, national, and global brands.


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