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Here are the latest PMI ACP Exam Questions from Simplilearn that is aimed to help you get a feel of what you might come across in the final PMI ACP certification exam. This free PMI ACP practice exam is aimed to aid you check your progress in mastering the principle of Agile. As a part of this PMI ACP mock exam, you will come across PMI ACP sample questions that are similar to the questions of the main certification exam. These questions are developed by subject matter experts to help you in your PMI ACP exam prep. So, what are you waiting for? Take this PMI ACP free practice test today!

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1. The goal of a sprint should be to:
2. Continuous integration is:
3. A definition of done clarifies when a particular work item can be marked as done. When is the definition of done first used by the team?
4. How frequently should the test-code-test cycle repeat itself in test-driven development?
5. A team assigned 3 story points to a story. The manager wanted to know how this can corelate to the time required to complete it. How should the team respond?
6. In order to implement Lean, the first step should be to:
7. A team facilitator (aka scrum master) facilitates the daily stand-up meeting for a team. The facilitator is going on a leave for 2 weeks. What should be done about the daily stand-up meetings in this period?
8. The process of test-driven development has the following steps:
9. Agile approaches are becoming very popular in every industry today because of their flexibility to adapt to change. This is important because:
10. Agile focuses on iterative, incremental development, whereas Kanban focuses on:
11. A PMO (Project Management Office) can be a key enabler for an agile transformation. What could be an area that the PMO can help an agile team with?
12. The developers in a team felt that all the stories were completed. A tester in the team disagreed with this. What is the best way to resolve this issue?
13. A team is debating about the effectiveness of two different design approaches. How to arrive at a conclusion?
14. Which of the following is the best description of the 5 Whys technique?
15. A team is estimating the time needed to create a software package by posting stories on the wall in the order from of least to greatest. This is an example of:
16. The most important job of a scrum master is:
17. Senior management would like to keep tabs on progress of a project. What is the best demonstration of progress that the team can come up with?
18. Extreme programming believes in programmers working in pairs. Which of the following is an exception to this rule?
19. Distributed agile teams often make use of live video conferences to stay in touch with the remote team members. This is important because these methods enable:
20. Who is primarily accountable for delivery of the work in an agile team?
21. In a given iteration, a team completed 5 stories of sizes 1, 3, 5, 8, and 13 respectively. Two other stories of size 5 each were almost complete but narrowly missed the definition of done. What is the velocity of the team in the iteration?
22. Iteration retrospective is used to:
23. Project A has an NPV of $15,000 and IRR of 15%. Project B has an NPV of $20,000 and IRR of 13%. Project C has an NPV of $18,000 and IRR of 12.5%. Project D has an NPV of $25,000 and IRR of 14%. Which project should be selected if only one can be funded?
24. Which attributes should be attached to user stories?
25. The scrum master of a team is working on a critical task when another team member approached him for help. The scrum master should:
26. What is the appropriate level to measure earned value management in an agile project?
27. During the iteration review, a customer representative pointed out that the addition of a few features would add a lot of value to the product. Who should take this into consideration first?
28. In a scrum planning meeting, the team had a few questions about the features with the highest priority. This should be resolved by:
29. You see a burndown chart, burnup chart, feature backlog, and a velocity chart on the wall. What are they?
30. The charter for an agile project is a bit different from the charter for a traditional project in that:
31. Simplicity - the art of maximizing the work not done - is essential. What is the most appropriate interpretation of this agile principle?
32. At a stakeholder meeting, all stakeholders are given fake money to purchase the features they like and need. This is an example of:
33. What are the questions asked during daily stand-up meetings?
34. The expected time for planning a four-week iteration is:
35. The iteration review or demo is an important meeting for the team to bring the iteration to a logical conclusion. Which of the following should NOT be part of this meeting?
36. Which of the following is NOT very consistent with agile principles?
37. During an iteration, an end user keeps calling the team members requesting to include more work items to the iteration. What should be done?
38. A developer has not created a detailed documentation for a code that is only understood by him. Why is this a problem?
39. Extreme programming believes in deeper involvement of the onsite customers in the team. Which of the following is NOT a customer role in extreme programming?
40. Mary is the scrum master for a new project and is working with the product owner and team on selecting the user stories for the first sprint. The team has committed to 30 story points for the sprint, but the product owner wants the team to deliver more. The team is uncomfortable committing more as it hasn't understood the stories well. What should Mary do?
41. Team workspace should be arranged so the team members can:
42. Refactoring should produce software that is:
43. During an iteration, there was a major reorganization and the team is in a flux about future direction for the product. They feel that the iteration should be put on hold or cancelled until clarity emerges. Who is responsible for making this decision?
44. A team is analyzing factors that drive change and restrict change. This is called __________.
45. After the team has removed the bottlenecks in a Kanban system and established WIP limits, what should they focus on next?
46. Pruning the Product Tree is a technique for:
47. A team completed 10 work items in a five-day week and each item took about five days to complete. What is the cycle time?
48. The number of story points a team can complete in a single iteration is known as _________________.
49. All of the following are common ways to enable osmotic communication in distributed agile teams except:
50. Who is responsible for updating the Kanban board?
51. Which technique helps in analyzing how different groups interact with the product?
52. A product owner is very pushy and tends to compel the team members to accept more work than they can accomplish. This is causing team burnout. What is the best way to resolve this issue?
53. What does the work in progress number represent on a Kanban board?
54. A testing team finds that it is often in the firing line as they often have more work than they can handle. In the Kanban system the best way to handle this is to:
55. For an agile team, the total release backlog is 250 points and each point costs $50 to deliver. The earned value at the end of the third iteration is 50 points and the CPI is 0.8. How much is the expected cost for the remaining project if the current cost performance is expected to continue in the future?
56. Which value is NOT in the Agile Manifesto?
57. A team's velocity is performing iteration planning using a commitment based approach as the velocity is not known up-front. Which of the following is NOT an acceptable way of establishing the commitment?
58. Distributed agile teams are _____________.
59. The amount of time for a feature to move from inception to live deployment is _________________.
60. Documentation for an agile project should be _________________.
61. When should you play Planning Poker?
62. All of the following are lean principles, except _________________.
63. During testing of a product, the tester and the developer disagreed on the usability of a particular feature. Who should resolve this confusion?
64. What is an appropriate time to break down the user stories into tasks?
65. During an iteration, a team member needs to be on standby support when a critical feature is being deployed over a weekend. None of the team members wants to sign up for this task. How should this situation be addressed?
66. If the earned value is $1500 and the planned value is $1350, the team is:
67. How is the schedule created for an agile project?
68. The return on investment (ROI) for a project should be tracked and reported by ____________.
69. The Y-axis on a burnup chart is _________________.
70. Burndown charts are _________________.
71. A team and business users are trying to agree on the design of a web interface for an ecommerce application. Which technique is likely to be most effective in this process?
72. A team finds that it frequently lands into trouble while implementing a feature due to unfulfilled external dependencies. They decided to ensure in the future that all dependencies should be met before an item can be accepted into an iteration for development. This needs to be included in the:
73. Continuous integration is the practice of:
74. An agile team considers the risks on the project and includes tasks to address them as part of the project work. This is done using:
75. One of the lean principles is amplify learning. This means:
76. What should the duration of daily stand-up meetings be?
77. A team estimated that the total ideal time requirement for a proposed set of work items is 500 hours. How should this be translated into elapsed time?
78. If the agile project is release timeboxed, which of the following is true?
79. In a large project, the team identified the highest priority features and completed them first. The remaining features are almost at the same priority level and the team is confused which one to work on first. How should this be addressed?
80. A large product requires 4 teams working in parallel. How many product owners should be assigned to this product?
81. A large product requires four teams working in parallel. How many product backlogs should be produced?
82. In agile, tasks are assigned by the:
83. Who is responsible for taking the product risk into consideration while prioritizing the backlog?
84. A daily stand-up meeting for a team ends up taking longer than 15 minutes because a product owner assigns tasks to team members in the meeting. How should this be addressed?
85. A theme is _________________.
86. After discovering the bottleneck or constraining step in a Kanban system, the first step should be to:
87. Which of the following is an appropriate measure to express the effort associated with user stories?
88. A software development team identified a number of steps in their value stream map. Which of the following is most likely to represent waste?
89. Throughout the project, velocity of the team has been unexpectedly falling. What does this mean?
90. When playing Planning Poker, which of the following unit of measure is used to estimate effort?
91. Which of the following is a key skill for a servant leader?
92. The Kanban board is a simple artifact that serves all of the following purposes except:
93. At what point does backlog refinement take place?
94. What is the main purpose of the daily stand-up meeting?
95. During the planning of an iteration, a team discovered a risk which has a 50% probability of occurrence and an impact of two days. What is the expected value of this event?
96. What is usually the last event in a sprint or iteration?
97. Agile leadership is most closely associated with which style?
98. The schedule of an agile project is generally established by _________________.
99. The Agile Manifesto states 'Individuals and Interactions over _____.'
100. Where would you expect to find the epic stories in the product backlog?
101. The executive sponsor has indicated that co-location of an agile team is not possible. What is the best response?
102. A stakeholder has asked for status of the project. What do you do?
103. A product owner has asked to attend the team daily stand-up meetings. What should the scrum master do?
104. The product owner of a team told the team facilitator that they would like to have three alpha releases during a six month project. The team facilitator said this does not matter. Why did the facilitator say this?
105. Which document shows planned releases and relevant features coming over a period of time?
106. The process of cost estimating is accurate when _________________.
107. Which of the following is an important attribute for a scrum master or team facilitator of an agile team?
108. Which estimating technique can be used when there is limited amount of time to estimate a large number of stories?
109. The best way to represent the work remaining on a project is _________________.
110. A team finds that although they deliver working product increments every iteration, they are not deployed quickly enough due to the operational teams not being in a state of readiness. Which of the following techniques is most likely to help the team overcome this problem?
111. The team suggested estimates. The range of estimates were plotted on a graph with no names and discussed. What method did the team use?
112. How should a coach handle conflict?
113. A product roadmap is used as a ____________.
114. The release burndown chart of a team shows an upward spike between the second and third iterations. What could cause this?
115. A team was working on a project with a release backlog of 200 points. Between iterations 1 and 3, they completed 50 points of work and the product owner added 20 points of work to the release. What should be the bottom of the burndown bar chart?
116. The agile team has collective responsibility for the following, except _________________.
117. Which of the following is true about payback period calculation?
118. A team was working on a project with a release backlog of 200 points. Between iterations 1 and 3, they completed 50 points of work and the product owner added 20 points of work to the release. What should be the top of the burndown bar chart?
119. What is the best metric to compare two agile teams ?
120. When would an agile project be appropriate?


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