PMP® and PRINCE2® are two of the top most project management credentials recognized globally and across industries. While both certification programs endorse effective project management, the approach varies. PMP®, based on the PMBOK® Guide is a standard whereas PRINCE2® is a methodology. PMP® speaks about knowledge areas and processes while PRINCE2® is focused to themes, principles and processes.

Project management certification is an ideal step to revamp one’s career and leave competition behind. However identifying the correct certification program for oneself is the most difficult question.

PMP® or PRINCE2® Certification? This is one of the top most questions any aspirant or project manager will have before going for a certification program. Although PMP® and PRINCE2® are two different approaches towards project management; a choice between them relies on various aspects. Let’s identify the differences and similarities before opting for a conclusion.

 Originated in the US and recognized globally  De-facto standard in the UK Government however recognized internationally
 Governed by the reputed Project Management Institute (PMI)  Governed by APMG, a globally recognized body that manages certification schemes
 A knowledge-driven or knowledge-based approach  A process-driven or process-based methodology
 Based on PMBOK® Guide, the standard guide of PMP® Based on PRINCE2® Manual
 Defines ten project management knowledge areas and five project management processes  Defines 7 PRINCE2® themes, principles and processes respectively
 Is not prescriptive  Is prescriptive yet tailor-able
 Defines roles for project manager  Defines roles and responsibilities for each member involved in a project

The Right Choice for You:

Depending on the above mentioned aspects, one can make a choice between the two. If you are a project manager and want to improve your management skills with a defined approach to project management, PMP® is the right choice.

On the other hand, if you are working in an organization that follows PRINCE2® methodology to manage projects, PRINCE2® is the idea choice for you. PRINCE2® methodology is for the entire project team where each one has a defined role and responsibility.

PMP® is more theoretical while PRINCE2® is prescriptive and tailor-able to different projects. If you are looking for challenging project management roles in the US market, you should go for PMP® and if you want to build a base in the UK region, PRINCE2® is a must. However, both the credentials are globally recognized and are valid across industries making it suitable for professionals coming from different backgrounds.

Have you made your choice? Not yet; the below section would throw some more light.

PMP® Complements PRINCE2®

Though both the certifications hold different approach, it cannot be out rightly considered as competitions. PMP® and PRINCE2® complements each other. PMP® is focused towards the project manager’s role while PRINCE2® accomplishes roles for the entire team. Similarly, PRINCE2® lack soft-skill management that is fine-tuned by PMP®. Thus, you make a choice between PMP® and PRINCE2® depending on the various factors. Also, you can opt for both PMP® and PRINCE2® to gain over all competency in project management.

PMP® and PRINCE2® – Salary Overview

According to, insights of average salaries for PMP® and PRINCE2® in the US and UK are given below.



If you have made your choice and you want to avail PMP® or PRINCE2® focused training then you can choose from any of our flexible training modes. For more information, visit our Project Management courses.


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