Today, web development and SEO are no longer the only use cases of the programming language Python, which — with its broad array of software libraries, supports diverse programming paradigms — is reader-friendly, and easily scalable for larger applications.   

Lately, the growing implementation of Python in emerging fields, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, Fintech, IoT, and big-data analytics, is driving the popularity of this general-purpose, high-level programming language to new heights.   

Because of Python's numerous positives, it is quickly becoming the world's most popular and fastest-growing programming languages, according to a study by the leading question-and-answer site for programmers and professionals, Stack Overflow.   

The Python programming language ranks first in the IEEE Spectrum's 2019 list of high-level programming languages, and it also claims the fourth position in the TIOBE index, which analyses the popularity of various programming languages. TIOBE predicts that Python can surpass C++ to get into the top three. 

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There is no doubt that Python is one of today's most sought-after scripting languages, but how does its increasing demand translate into Python programming jobs and salaries?

Well, the versatile Python programming language has several use cases. Therefore, Python developer salary greatly varies based on the field of application. Here's a detailed overview of the Python programmer salary.

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Python Developer Salary in Terms of Job Roles  

Multinational tech companies are continuously looking for professionals skilled in the Python programming language, and this is pushing Python developer jobs related searches to the top of popular job portals. Roles of a Python developer vary from Data Scientists to Application Developers, Sys Admins to DevOps Engineers, and Web Developers. Let's check out the average Python developer salary for these different roles -

  • Data Scientist: 91,838 USD/year
  • DevOps Engineer: 93,931 USD/year
  • Software Developer: 118,950 USD/year
  • Senior Software Engineer: 129,000 USD/year
  • Software Engineer: 89,003 USD/year

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Python Developer Salary With Respect to Experience  

Currently, the number of software developers worldwide stands at around 25 million. Of that, 8.2 million are Python developers. Interestingly, the number of Python developers has now exceeded the total number of Java developers, which is 7.6 million globally, according to a report by SlashData. Below is a list of the average Python programmer salary based on work experience. 

  • Entry-level Python programmer salary: 59,888 USD/year to 111,605 USD/year
  • Mid-level Python developer salary: 117,940 USD/year 
  • Senior-level Python programmer salary: 132,789 USD/year to 145,923 USD/year

The Average Python Developer Salary in the United States of America (State-Wise)

The average annual salary for Python programming jobs is the highest in the United States. Here's a state-wise breakup of the average Python developer salary in the US, according to the latest indeed report;

Python programmer salary in New York: 132,598 USD/year 

Python developer salary in California: 138,466 USD/year

Python programmer salary in San Francisco: 143,476 USD/year

Python developer salary in Virginia: 108,649 USD/year

In other geographic areas, such as the UK and India, the average Python developer salary is £67,540/year and INR 489,614/year, respectively.   

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Top Reasons to Learn the Python Programming Language

The Python programming language is commonly applied to develop web applications, websites, medial tools, desktop apps, GUI, back-end APIs, and network servers. What's making this highly-scalable programming language, even more appealing these days, is its use in machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. Here are the top reasons for you to get a Python certification.  

  • From NASA to Facebook, Google to IBM, Dropbox to Yahoo, Mozilla, Instagram, Youtube, Uber, Quora, Reddit, and many other leading global technology organizations use the Python programming language for a variety of applications. These major technology companies are always looking for skilled Python developers.  
  • For most tech companies, Python is the preferred programming language for big data analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications. Getting a Python certification from a reputed institution will boost your career opportunities significantly.  
  • The Python programming language is an ideal choice for beginners because of its flexible syntax and robust library. According to the CodinGame 2020 Developer Survey Report, 84 percent of the 10K developers surveyed said that Python is their primary programming language.  

Programming Language Python is Tech's Next Big Thing, and You Should Be Prepared to Use It

Python has already become the second-most popular language in GitHub, rapidly swallowing its competitors, especially Java. This has led to an increased demand for Python certification worldwide.

While there is absolutely no doubt that once you get a Python certification, you don't have to worry about career opportunities, however, to land the best-paid Python programming jobs, you will need an industry-recognized certification from a premier educational institution like Simplilearn - trusted by the world's leading brands.

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