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How I Discovered the Way to Entrepreneurship through Simplilearn

Marco Chan

Marco Chan

21+ years

VP of Technology

VP of Technology

Wise Ally International Holdings Limited

VP of Technology

VP of Technology


As documented by Marco Chan

As Vice President of Technology at Wise Ally International Holdings Limited, I have proven my engineering and management expertise. With the work requirements and the will to learn and explore new career domains, I started looking for a reliable platform to gain knowledge. 

The Journey 

My professional journey started in 1998 as a Project Manager at Kombo Development Ltd. In 2001, I co-founded a start-up called Tech-Vision. It was a Start-up company emerging into ODM supply for cellphones and design services in software and hardware. I worked on my start-up for over a decade and joined CTT Tech in 2012 as the Chief Technical Officer. In 2016, I moved my work outside Hong Kong and joined a company in China as a Product Development Manager. I worked there for three years before joining my company, Wise Ally International Holdings Limited, as the VP of Technology. I am looking for new work opportunities or a change in my career path as I wish to explore the AI domain further. 

The Challenge 

I have gained a lot of experience in the engineering domain, especially product and technical development, and I want to explore entrepreneurship options in the future. I have planned it to be an AI product based, which requires thorough knowledge of the same. However, managing efficiency at work and giving my best to learn was challenging. 

Simplilearn Solution

The need to learn made me look for a solution I found at Simplilearn. Enrolling in the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Master’s Program, I got the opportunity to meet with industry experts. Their method of interaction gave a lot of insightful understanding of the concepts. The schedule flexibility also helped me a lot, as I could balance my work and learning simultaneously. 

My favorite feature about the course is the blended learning approach, where one can engage in live classes with the convenience of learning at his own pace. The entire learning experience is very well designed and delivered.

Professional Certificate Program In AI And Machine Learning
25+ industry relevant projects from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Uber, Mercedes Benz.

The Impact 

Aiming for an AI-based start-up, I have got my basics clear. The industrial experience of experts led me to ideas, ways of handling different struggles, and different outlooks for entrepreneurship. Loads of effort, knowledge, and skills are required to build a start-up, and I look forward to the new struggles. I may again utilize the Simplilearn courses to learn more. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

Masters’ Program in Artificial Intelligence is provided in conjunction with IBM. It facilitates learning AI relevant to the current industry and its requirements while focussing on programming languages and core tools. Besides, Simplilearn provides Capstone projects, hands-on experience in projects, and practical labs. 

The extreme demand for Artificial Intelligence expresses the requirement for education and practical skills in this domain. The course enables its candidates to excel in this field through various possible chances involving interaction, participation, and many more. 

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