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Getting My Career Back on Track After an Unwanted Break

Gordana Vujec

Gordana Vujec

16+ years

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Advance Auto Parts

Business Data Analyst

Business Data Analyst


As documented by Gordana Vujec

Gordana needed to upskill and catch up on technologies and skills she had lost ground with due to health-related issues. She was looking for a means of filling those knowledge gaps, while not having the process negatively impact her work time.

My Background

I’m originally from Croatia but moved to the United States in 2006, where I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, with my husband and one child. I pursued a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Economics. In addition to that, I’m a certified Scrum Master, ECBA, Product Owner, and Agile Coach. Currently, I am working as a Business Analyst at Revarture.

Taking Time to Upskill During Recovery

I was unemployed for some time due to severe health issues, which created a gap in my professional career and made me fall behind. During this time, I was also unemployed. Therefore, I decided to upskill, so I opted for the Professional Certificate Program in Business Analysis from Purdue University and Simplilearn.

I got my first job immediately after the class but stayed there for only two months. Then I looked for another job for two months and got the one I have now. I think it was challenging since I ended up talking to three or four recruiters per week. Despite all these leads, it still took me two months to find this job.

My Simplilearn Training Has Me Moving Towards My Ultimate Goals

The program enhanced my knowledge and skills in the field of Business Analysis. I wasn’t aware of how many certifications are necessary for a Business Analyst. Simplilearn helped me understand the importance of upskilling and certification. The course helped me secure a job as a Business Analyst at Revarture.

My experience with Simplilearn was great. I enjoyed the live classes the most as they were very interactive and could connect personally with the instructors. The arrangement helped me ask questions directly. One of the best things about the course was that I could also record the classes for future reference. Also, the course had a comprehensive curriculum. The projects at the end of the course were quite advantageous and practical, with flexible completion deadlines.

Professional Certificate Program in Business Analysis
IBM masterclasses, AMAs, and course certifications

The most significant achievement after completing the course was securing a new business analyst position at Revarture, even after a huge career gap. The course helped me to learn about various requisite certifications like ECBA and Scrum Master, for example. Completing the course gave me a clear path to succeed in my career as a Business Analyst.

I chose Simplilearn because of its flexibility and the ability to record classes and go back to them later and reinforce what I learned. Simplilearn’s customer care was also very responsive and helpful. At the end of it all, the course helped revive my career.

Looking Ahead

I would like to see myself grow as a Business Analyst in the foreseeable future, and I would like to continue to upskill myself. So, I would opt for a course in CPACC. Currently, I am interviewing and working on a project with Citibank as a Consultant for Revarture. 

At this job I’m in right now, I have finished training and am now interviewing for placement, so you could say I am still fighting for a job. My biggest obstacle in getting a job is a lack of experience, as I have many gaps and short-term employment situations. Even with Simplilearn’s class, it’s still not easy out there, but at least now I have some skills to keep moving forward. 

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