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Changed Career Paths And Got A New Job With 75% Salary Hike!

Syed Aamir

Syed Aamir

5+ years

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Talent Acquisition Specialist


Sr. Data Engineer

Sr. Data Engineer

Tata Consultancy Services

As documented by Syed Aamir

Wanting to shift from HR services to IT, I pursued the Master’s Program in Data Science from Simplilearn. After successfully upskilling, I landed a new job at TCS with a 75% salary hike!

My Career Journey So Far

My professional roles have always revolved around HR and customer services. I started as a Consumer Services Specialist with Denave India Sales Pvt. Ltd and progressed to an immigration specialist at IBM. My last job was that of a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Accenture. While working at Accenture, I decided to shift my career path and enter the IT industry. Wanting to upskill, I found Simplilearn’s Master’s Program in Data Science. After this program, my career took a new turn, and I landed a new job at Tata Consultancy Services as a Sr. Data Engineer.

The Challenge

After working as an HR and customer services specialist for almost five years, I decided to change my career path and work in the IT industry. I lacked the necessary skills and was looking for opportunities to upskill. 

The Simplilearn Solution

The Master’s Program in Data Science offered by Simplilearn aided me in learning the skills needed for my career change. Even though IT has a lot of complex aspects to it, this course made me learn and understand the concepts to the very core quite easily. Blended learning was my favourite aspect of the program. I could learn at my own pace, attend live classes, and interact with the instructors. It was very convenient and effective for me.

Business Analytics For Strategic Decision Making
Get access to a thoughtfully designed curriculum co-created by IIT Roorkee professors.

The Simplilearn Impact

The experience with Simplilearn was simply amazing. After completing this program, I landed a new job as a Sr. Data Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services. My salary increased by 75%, and I absolutely love my job.

 A Word From Simplilearn 

The Master’s Program in Data Science from Simplilearn, in collaboration with IBM, will help professionals advance their careers in Data Science by providing them with world-class training and abilities. The course provides intensive training in the most sought-after Machine Learning and Data Science skills, as well as hands-on experience with important tools and technologies like Tableau, Python, R, and Machine Learning principles. You can become a Data Scientist by delving deeply into the complexities of data interpretation, learning technologies such as Machine Learning, and developing robust programming abilities to propel your Data Science career forward.

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