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A Drastic Step to Career Change

Hemanth Kumar B

Hemanth Kumar B

4+ years

Business Systems Analyst

Business Systems Analyst

NUKG Business Solutions

Senior Business Analyst

Senior Business Analyst

Enterprise Tiger

As documented by Hemanth Kumar B 

My previous job and covid-19 crisis enlightened me about my potential and existing knowledge gap. I lost my job due to the crisis. But rather than getting demotivated, I encouraged myself to grow professionally and work in a better field. My decision to upskill came out to be the most successful act. 

The Journey 

I graduated from CRM College of Engineering & Technology as an Engineering Bachelor. Then I landed a job at Mondee. Inc, as a Quality Data Analyst. However, the company shut down due to covid-19. I utilized the opportunity to learn about more career prospects and increase my proficiency in my area of interest. However, an important factor was to find a learning source that could provide knowledge from the comfort of my home during the tough times of the pandemic. 

The Challenge 

With numerous courses available in different durations, the judgment and decision to choose the best are highly difficult. Investing the time and money to receive the best results is highly crucial. With one or the other thing lacking in different courses, the choice was difficult. 

Simplilearn Solution

Simplilearn caught my attention due to its comprehensive curriculum and affordability. My decision came out to be correct due to numerous quality features. The blended mode of learning as both live and self-paced courses let me set my pace. The best of faculties and a great well-formulated curriculum helped me with queries, understanding, and my mistakes. Detailed and interesting explanations, suggestions, and experiences of experts, accompanied by practical implementation, were the correct method of guidance well suited for me. 

Professional Certificate Program In Data Science
25+ industry-relevant projects from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Uber, and Mercedes Benz.

The Impact 

Simplilearn impacted my life with a single upskill course. I was offered a new job opportunity at Seumer Enterprise Tiger Business. I received a senior position with a previous job role as a Quality Data Analyst to a Senior Business Analyst. Additionally, I am currently working at a 90% salary hike due to newly learned skills. My gains from Simplilearn will further assist me in achieving my dream of working for big MNCs like Google. My experience with Simplilearn makes me recommend it to everyone eager for professional growth in their career. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program in Data Science is available with masterclasses from Purdue University. Additionally, industry experts from IBM share their valuable experiences, knowledge, and skills, and the Ask Me Anything session by IBM is part of the program. Project training with hands-on experience and career mentorship has guided numerous candidates to their desired career path and let them discover the best option.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Data Science has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in Data Science

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