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110% Salary Hike and a Great New Job!

Asif Khan

Asif Khan

9+ years

Staff Engineer

Staff Engineer

Rakuten India

Solutions Engineer

Solutions Engineer

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions HU

As documented by Asif Khan

I pursued the DevOps Engineer Masters Program from Simplilearn because I wanted to change career domains. Along with upskilling, I landed a new job with a 110% salary hike!

My Career Journey So Far

I completed my graduation from REVA University, Bangalore. Previously, I worked at Rakuten as a Staff Engineer in Bangalore. Over the years, I got the opportunity to work with big MNCs like TATA, Cisco, and Rakuten. 

Currently, I am a Solutions Engineer at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions HU in Budapest, Hungary. My work involves implementing organizational DevOps strategy in various environments of Linux and Windows servers and adopting various phases of the software development life cycle like development, analysis, requirements, design, testing, and support. 

The Challenge

I worked in the Java Development domain for quite a few years and wanted to switch to DevOps since it is a growing field. So, I opted for the DevOps Masters Program from Simplilearn to upskill myself and make the desired career switch. My long-term goals include gaining more experience and working on different projects to become a DevOps expert. I want to share my knowledge and contribute to the market.

DevOps Certification (Post Graduate Program)
20+ real-life projects on integrated labs

The Simplilearn Solution

I believe Simplilearn is one of the best upskilling platforms for any professional or fresher. The course is very well curated and organized, so anyone from any background can understand the concepts. I liked the hands-on experience with the practice labs. It was really helpful for me to get practical exposure. The course developed my skills from beginner to advanced level with the help of the great faculty.    

The Simplilearn Impact

The course from Simplilearn developed my skills and knowledge in DevOps from scratch. I was able to land a new job with a 110% increase in my salary. I moved to Hungary in June this year. The knowledge I gained helped me crack the interview easily and perfectly. I recommend Simplilearn to anyone who wants to upgrade their skills and get certified.

A Word From Simplilearn 

The DevOps Engineer Masters Program will train you for a career in DevOps, a rapidly growing sector that connects software engineers and operations. After completing the program, you will become a specialist in continuous development and deployment principles, configuration management automation, inter-team cooperation, and IT service agility utilizing DevOps tools like Docker, Git, Jenkins, and others.

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