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Restarted My Career with a 20% Salary Hike!

Suneet Virmani

Suneet Virmani

3+ years

Business Development Specialist

Business Development Specialist

Johnson Dialysis Center LLC

Digital Marketing Intern

Digital Marketing Intern

Money Mouth Marketing

As documented by Suneet Virmani

After a five-year-long break from my career, I completed the PGP Digital Marketing course from Simplilearn and re-entered the workforce as a Digital Marketing Intern with a 20% salary increment!

My Career Journey So Far

I took a break from my administrative career after having a child, and when I decided to return to work after five years, I realized that the job scenario had changed. Although I had an MBA, I never got an opportunity to work in the marketing field. After researching, I realized the power and growth of digital media and wanted to create an impact in this digital world and be the connection between companies and consumers. 

So from Simplilearn, I pursued the PGP in Digital Marketing course, and I restarted my career as a digital marketing intern at a reputed firm in New York.

The Challenge

I wanted to change my career path without spending too much time and money on my studies. So with Simplilearn, I got the perfect-paced course that was available on weekends, and the fee was also quite affordable. Therefore, after going through Simplilearn reviews, I decided to upskill myself and opted for Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing in association with Purdue University from Simplilearn. 

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
6-credit transfer for the Purdue Online MS in Communication program

The Simplilearn Solution

My challenge was that, as a mother, I had other responsibilities to take care of and did not have time. I was looking for a comprehensive course that provided me with the technical skills required for a marketing job. After searching, I came across Simplilearn and saw that the course was in collaboration with Purdue University, which increased my confidence and trust. I decided to enroll myself in the marketing course. Our instructor Mr Pranav Parekh was fully knowledgeable and very helpful at every step. We were provided support at every stage and provided hands-on tasks to complete during the program. The quiz at the end of the sessions was quite helpful in recollecting the information we had sought. 

Simplilearn’s Impact

Learning never stops with age. After looking at the job market after a five-year-long break, I realized that I had to catch up with the latest trends and upgrade my skills. After completing the course, I got a new job with a 20% hike as a Digital Marketing intern in a New York-based company, and my knowledge proved to be an asset to this organization. A huge thank you to the Simplilearn team for helping me advance my career in digital marketing. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

The Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing, in association with Purdue University, provides in-depth knowledge to professionals interested in pursuing a Digital Marketing career, learning the fundamentals, and gaining hands-on experience, as well as experienced marketers wanting to learn the latest Digital Marketing tools.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in Digital Marketing

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