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Upskilling The Career is a Gateway to New Options

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

6+ years

Mechanical Engineering Analyst

Mechanical Engineering Analyst


Supply Chain Operations Analyst

Supply Chain Operations Analyst


As documented by Shahrukh Khan  

Digitization has affected all the domains of the field, creating new opportunities. Working as a mechanical engineer, I also wanted to upskill in the field of Data Science. I hold expertise with five years of work experience in multiple posts at various companies. Therefore, I decided to work on myself through professional courses in Simplilearn. 

The Journey 

I am a Mechanical Engineer with experience in the production department, supply chain and operations, and product planning and quality product. After gaining experience, I have worked as an analyst at multiple companies. Multiple courses from Simplilearn lead me to my current position as a Supply Chain Operations Analyst. I handle warranty claims adjudication of commercial vehicles, process tracking, and visualization, production and value analysis, task allocation management and planning, idea generation and implementation, Project People Ambassador, and process-product training to new joiners. My biggest success is my interest in the job and my will to work further to develop a career in the field. 

The Challenge 

I acknowledged that upskilling myself is important and holds a pathway to a successful career. I have worked as a mechanical engineer for most of my professional life. However, I needed to update myself with the new work trends. Data Science is one such field that has grown significantly over the years, so intending to improve performance in my current role, I decided to upskill.

Simplilearn Solution

Keeping the challenge in mind, I looked forward to suitable courses to upskill myself. Among the multiple options in courses and learning platforms, I chose Simplilearn for two courses. My decision was based on the Simplilearn review and multiple factors like customer response, feedback, and refund policy. 

I chose Data Science with Python and a Master’s Programme in Lean Six Sigma Expert. The learning experience was nice, with a supportive team of Simplilearn. I found blended learning (comprising both live and recorded lectures) to be the best feature. They responded to my queries quickly and smoothly, making it a better decision.

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Supply Chain Management
Master Classes delivered by Purdue faculty

The Impact 

The consequence of upskilling myself was a promotion with a salary hike of 21% within my organization. I currently manage the supply chain department as an analyst. The applicability of the knowledge played a major role in my skill development and increased my worth to the company. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

Python for Data Science is aimed at introducing learners to Python programming. Simplilearn covers concepts like mathematical computing and data wrangling, among many others. It promotes using Python for Web Scraping, Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, Machine Learning & NLP.

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