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I got a New Job with a 90% Salary Hike!

Himanshu Singh

Himanshu Singh

10+ years

Blockchain Architect

Blockchain Architect

Quagnitia Systems Pvt. Ltd

Blockchain Lead

Blockchain Lead

Rapid Innovation

As documented by Himanshu Singh

The thought of learning more about blockchain technology led me to pursue the Professional Certificate in Blockchain from IIT Kanpur by Simplilearn, and even before completing the course, I got a new job with a 90% salary increase!

My Career Journey So Far

I started as an entrepreneur but eventually moved to IT and worked at Ordor Private Limited as a Full Stack Developer. I gathered over six years of experience in web development, full stack development, backend development, and more. 

I joined Quagnitia Systems Pvt Ltd as a Blockchain Architect and moved to blockchain technology early this year. I worked there for three months before joining Rapid Innovation as Full Stack Blockchain Developer, and now I am a Blockchain Lead.

The Challenge

Blockchain technology was new to me, and I wanted to learn more about it. I joined Quagnitia Systems Pvt Ltd as a Blockchain Architect in January 2022. I wanted to upskill myself in order to perform better at my job. Apart from that, I was also looking for a promotion and salary hike, so I chose to update my knowledge with Professional Certification in Blockchain Technology from Simplilearn. 

Professional Certificate Program In Blockchain
Build skills to become job-ready and advance your career

The Simplilearn Solution

After going through the numerous Simplilearn reviews and the high Simplilearn rating, I decided to go forward with the program. I really enjoyed the blended learning sessions. The combination of live classes and self-learning videos was very helpful. I could learn at my own pace. Also, the curriculum was very comprehensive and strong. The instructors were great and cleared all the complex concepts for us.   

The Simplilearn Impact

My experience with Simplilearn was awesome, and the course has helped me a lot. I used to work as a Blockchain Architect when I decided to upskill. I completed my certification in April 2022, and even before I completed my certification, I got offered this new job. 

I worked with Rapid Innovation as a Full Stack Blockchain Developer with a 90% salary hike. In September 2022, I was promoted to the position of Blockchain Lead within the company. It is all because of the course. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

The Professional Certificate in Blockchain from IIT Kanpur is a four-month course. It guides students through the principles of blockchain technology before covering all the technical and functional aspects required to construct any blockchain solution using best practices and tools in the industry. In this curriculum, they will design bitcoin wallets and smart contracts, create transactions, fabricodes, and more.

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