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Upskilling to Boost My Career and Team Collaboration

Daniel Altufaili

Daniel Altufaili

6+ years

IT Infrastructure Operations

IT Infrastructure Operations

Johnson Electric

IT Infrastructure Operations

IT Infrastructure Operations


As documented by Daniel Altufaili

I am an IT professional from the United States with six years of work experience. I have a degree in electronics engineering

My Professional Journey

I am a passionate IT infrastructure operations professional with a vast knowledge of server hardware and software. I have worked with Johnson Electric in the IT infrastructure operations field since the start of my career. I have always worked well under pressure and have been noted as someone who gets things done. With over six years of experience in the IT field, I have worked in many different countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and the United States. I strive to offer the best solutions to the clients and team members I work with, whether in their current environment or new servers. My goal is to give them the most cost-effective and stable system available.

Choosing to Upskill

I decided to upskill with the Automation Testing Master’s Program offered by Simplilearn to improve performance in my current role because I wanted to help bridge the knowledge between teams in my company. This course definitely helped me do that. I have always been enthusiastic about IT and learning various aspects of the domain. This program was a decision made to enhance my IT knowledge and advance my professional performance. I am also working on IoT and ML projects with the help of the skills and knowledge I acquired through this course.  

Top Features and Overall Experience

My experience with Simplilearn was amazing. The lectures, live sessions, and the blended learning approach was also very effective in helping me learn while working. I believe the true purpose of education is building character and intelligence. This self-learning experience with Simplilearn reflects upon these values by building discipline for self-learning and providing broad knowledge on automation Testing.

Automation Test Engineer Master’s Program
14 lesson-end & 4 phase-end hands-on projects

Career Impact

After completing this course, I was given new projects at my workplace due to my advanced knowledge of IT, IoT & ML. I was also rewarded with a promotion and a 20 percent salary increase. This program has helped me broaden my knowledge and significantly encouraged me to keep upskilling and enhancing my intelligence. 

Long-Term Career Goals

In the long run, I want to become a successful IT engineer and develop expertise in IT, which is my field of interest. 

Simplilearn Feedback: Explore Your Options in Automation Testing

Our Automation Testing Master’s Program is a comprehensive course designed to help professionals master the concepts of automation testing and apply it to their work. The program uses an effective blend of theory, real-world scenarios and hands-on practical labs for students to gain in-depth knowledge about the various tools and techniques used in test automation.

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