Top 6 Skills that Boosts Java Developer Salaries

Like any industry, things continue to change and evolve, and you’ll need to consistently stay on top of these changes and learn new skills. This is especially true in the technology industry, and more specifically, as a Java developer. Because salary is often a big motivator for many, it’s easy to see why people often want to know what it will take to grow in their career and earn a higher one. As a Java developer, it helps to know about the different roles and average salaries for each.

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Groups of Java Developers

If you’re working as a Java developer, you may initially start as a junior Java developer or entry-level java developer. As you work your way up, your title may change to senior Java developer. These job titles often go hand-in-hand with what your average Java developer salary will be.

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Glassdoor reports that the average annual salary in the United States for an entry-level Java developer is $77,761, with junior Java developers having a similar average base salary at $75,697 annually. These numbers jump up significantly when Java developers land a senior role, with a reported $106,542 being the average annual base salary in the United States. The higher end of this range is reported to $145,000 annually. 

Some of the many companies currently hiring Java developers include Bright Wolf, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Miracle Software Systems.

Java Developer Responsibilities

Java is a widely-used programming language specifically designed to be used on the internet. Java developers create, develop, and manage software with Java and their daily duties vary based on the specific project they’re working on. Of course, experience level factors in, too.  A more experienced Java developer will oversee the full software development lifecycle, whereas an entry-level or junior developer may only assist or be fully responsible for a portion of the process. As you gain more experience and skills, you’ll become responsible for more and in turn, probably see an increase in earnings. However, it is essential to learn the skills required to grow. 

Skills Required for Higher Pay

If you’re interviewing for a senior Java developer role that offers a salary on the higher end of the scale, they’ll likely be looking for an array of advanced skills, such as:

  1. Essential Java Technologies

    Through on-the-job experience and adequate training, those aspiring for higher salaries should master all Java technologies, including Java Servlets, EJB, JSP, and J2EE. 
  2. Database Management Systems (DBMS) 

    An experienced Java developer is proficient in a wide range of these systems, including MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB. 
  3. Enterprise System Architecture Patterns

    This should include database design, data modeling, unit testing, performance monitoring, and tuning. 
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  5. Agile

    Many companies may prefer to hire senior Java developers who have experience with an agile approach when it comes to the lifecycle of software development.
  6. Application Development with Libraries

    Some of these commonly used libraries include Spock, Gradle, and Spring.
  7. Programming Language Knowledge

    Aside from Java, those aspiring to work in senior-level developer roles should know other programming languages as well, such as SQL. 

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