Top 8 Social Media Management Tools That Today's Marketers Need to Know

Today’s marketers have a lot on their plate. Trends change frequently, and algorithms are constantly shifting. It can be challenging to stay up to date on the best marketing strategies, particularly when it comes to social media management. 

Thankfully, developers and social media managers have created tools to help. Social media management software makes it easier to schedule content, stay up to date on trends, track and use data, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or want to learn more about social media marketing, these tools for small businesses and large agencies can provide the scaffolding and support you need to help your business grow. 

Let us now look into the top social media management tools.

Simplilearn’s Top 8 Tools for Social Media Marketers 


Buffer is a great beginning tool for social media management. There are both free and paid versions of the app, depending on the number of accounts you want to connect. Buffer connects to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, with an optional paid schedule for Pinterest. When you start using Buffer, it creates a schedule for you based on best practices for each app, which you can adjust based on your goals and calendar.  You can easily schedule or queue web content using a browser extension. Buffer is simple and intuitive but is lacking in terms of in-depth analytics. A new paid add-on, called Buffer Analyze, will enable you to better manage your data beyond basic impressions and clicks. 

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Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is one of the most effective social media management tools on the market. It works for all platforms and allows you to collaborate with team members to respond to messages and comments, assign tasks, and more. You can easily tag and track campaigns, and there are in-depth analytics features to help you adapt your strategies to reach the widest possible audience. The downside of Sprout Social is the cost—it’s one of the most expensive programs on the market. 

The next social media management tool is sendible.


If you’re looking for small business tools for a marketing agency, Sendible is a great choice. It enables you to focus on specific clients and make calendars for a variety of brands and campaigns. Sendible also has a customizable dashboard, so you can focus on getting new clients and growing as an agency. 

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is an affordable social media management tool for small agencies and businesses. It offers the best of social media management software on an easy-to-use dashboard. It also has a client management feature, and provides analytics capabilities— though not account monitoring. A bonus for Social Pilot is the recommended content feature. The platform categorizes articles and other web content into niches (i.e. technology, education, wellness) and recommends content to share based on your brand. 


Edgar is a special social media management software. It doesn’t just help you manage content—it creates content for you. Edgar is essentially AI for social media content creation. When you upload links into the platform, Edgar composes four different quotes and updates to share with your followers. You can also manually input updates and quotes. Edgar also knows which content does well and will create updates based on successful trends. There aren’t many analytics options with this tool, but it’s the only program on the market that writes for you. 

Post Planner

Post Planner focuses on the basic skills necessary for social media success to create a three-pronged platform. It helps you find good content, consistently post, and maintain an active social calendar. Post Planner connects you with content in your niche that has engaged viewers on other platforms and makes it easy to organize your social media content. Post Planner also lets you color-code and schedule content based on type of post and will automatically input queued posts based on your preferred calendar. 

The next social media management tool is CoSchedule.


CoSchedule is an ideal social media management tool for collaboration and consolidation. If you have been using a variety of digital marketing tools for different campaigns (i.e. email, content, events), CoSchedule allows you to see everything in one neat dashboard. You can also easily collaborate with team members and share tasks, which makes this platform ideal for larger organizations and marketing teams. CoSchedule also uses data to determine the ideal posting time for different kinds of content, making it easy to connect with your followers on their time. 


Finally, for graphic designers and visual thinkers, there’s Later. This tool focuses primarily on Instagram content, though you can also connect to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. It offers a unique visual calendar where you can drag and drop images to create scheduled content. Later is also relatively low-cost and allows you to create a link on your profile to blogs or a web store. Later is the least comprehensive of these platforms, but it’s an ideal small business tool for marketers whose focus is visual content, or whose audience exists primarily on Instagram. 

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Choosing the Right Tools for Your Small Business

Regardless of the size of your business, these social media management tools are an investment. It’s important to consider the scope and capabilities you need from a social media management tool before you dive in. Before you subscribe, make sure you know exactly what you need in terms of account management, content creation, analytics, and collaboration. No matter your level of expertise, these social media management tools will give you the insight and organization you need to succeed as a professional digital marketer.

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