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Social media platforms have become an integral part of business strategy for most of the businesses today. This Advanced Social Media test by simplilearn focuses on ensuring that you are well-versed with social media marketing and its nuances. This free social media exam contains 15 social media MCQs that help you evaluate your knowledge on social media marketing. You can take this free test and answer the social media questions as many times as you want. Take the test now!

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  • Instructions:

  • FREE test and can be attempted multiple times.
  • 25 Minutes
  • 16 Multiple Choice Questions
  • You can pause the test in between and you are allowed to re-take the test later.
1. Social Media Marketing opens the door to influence three key areas of business. These areas are:
2. The introduction and ongoing refinement of algorithms within social media channels have led to:
3. When crafting a concept for a campaign you hope will be highly sharable, which driving force is critical to inspire in your audience?
4. Social media storytelling offers a powerful way of engaging with target audiences via social channels. What are three compelling ways in which storytelling helps impact and ultimately sway consumer perceptions?
5. Most digital marketers would agree that one of the most effective places to find consumer-driven story ideas is:
6. One of the key purposes of social media conversation monitoring is checking to see what types of things your target audience is saying about your brand or service. When we talk about measuring the volume of positive, negative, and neutral comments, we are referring to measuring:
7. Social media and increased access to archived articles via search engines has dramatically reduced the need for sales staff, making most direct sales teams irrelevant.
8. Which of the following terms describes the social media metric associated with measuring how far a message spreads past its original, organic audience?
9. Which of the following allows a wide range of triggered activities?
10. Which of the following gives you information regarding what works and what does not?
11. Which type of ads allows you to create an immersive experience?
12. What is designed to make it easier for new users to follow stories live on Twitter?
13. Which of the following is a reason in Pinterest that allows you to deliver high volumes of valued content to your followers?
14. Which of the following relies on your existing connections and keywords included in skill sets and profile descriptions?
15. Which of the following can be shared to your Story timeline, but vanish after 24 hours?
16. Which of the following is a Snapchat tip to consider when planning out Snapchat Campaigns?


  • What is an Advanced Social Media practice test?

    The Advanced Social Media free practice test is a simulation of the Advanced Social Media certification exam. This practice test offers 16 social media questions that are quite similar to the questions asked in the actual test. This exam testifies your capability in elevating your brand and executing compelling social media campaigns.

  • Can I retake this Social Media mock exam?

    Yes, you can appear for this social media free mock test multiple times. But, we recommend you to take the test after adequate preparation to get the optimal experience.

  • Who can take up this Social Media marketing test?

    This social media test is ideal for professionals who are aspiring to become a successful social media marketer.

  • Are these the same questions I'll see on the real exam?

    Yes, the social media sample questions included in the practice test are similar to the questions of the actual certification exam.

  • What will I learn from this social media online test?

    This social media exam includes over 15 MCQs that are designed to test your skills in the field of social media marketing. These social media marketing questions help you analyze if you have a clear understanding of various facets of social media marketing—including social media strategy, online reputation management, influencer marketing, content marketing and web analytics.

  • I didn’t do well on this practice test. What should I do now?

    After a failed attempt, you can retake the free online social media quiz as many times as you like. For a better learning curve, you can also opt for Simplilearn’s Advanced Social Media Certification Training and then appear for the test.

  • What are the requirements to take this practice test?

    This social media quiz can be taken without any prerequisites.

  • Will this online Social Media test be updated frequently?

    Yes, our social media exam questions are periodically modified to include any latest information that is relevant to social media marketing.

  • Will this Social Media exam help in clearing the actual certification exam?

    Yes, this free online social media exam gives a clear picture of what you will face in the actual certification exam. While we do not guarantee excellent results in the exam, it will be much easier for you to face the actual examination. 

  • What is included in this practice test?

    You will face 16 multiple choice social media test questions in this test. Though the test duration is 25 minutes, you can pause the test in between and resume it later.

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