A busy high school student and a native of India, Himanshi Sharma has some amazing goals set for her future. After taking courses with Simplilearn, Himanshi was able to gain clarity on those goals; she got into a top collegiate mathematics and computer science program in the United States. 

A young woman with many interests and passions, Himanshi enjoys debate and public speaking and is active with the Model United Nations. An avid environmentalist, she works with Reap India Benefit Foundation to conserve water and electricity in addition to attending many leadership and wildlife camps focused on sustainability. In spite of all these endeavors, she also finds the time and energy to work with underprivileged schools as a teacher, supplying students with books and stationary and helping to improve sanitation. Himanshi is currently working on a project to transfer old laptops from corporations to these schools so that technology can be incorporated in their curriculum.

Yet, despite all these passions and activities, mathematics is Himanshi’s primary passion. Simplilearn helped her further her passion for the subject as well as her desire to work in the field of data and analytics.

Passion for Mathematics Leads to Data Science Career Choice

Although Himanshi studies all of the usual subjects as a 12th grader at her local high school, her favorite subject is Mathematics. 

“When I decided to take up Mathematics as my major,” says Himanshi, “I began to wonder how I could effectively apply it to real-world scenarios and contribute to a field that is constantly evolving.” 

As a high school student, Himanshi discovered there weren’t a lot of opportunities available for her to pursue this passion and learn more about the field. So she looked to Simplilearn.

Himanshi has taken three Simplilearn courses: Business Analytics with Excel, Python for Beginners, and Data Science with Python. The first course was an easy introduction for her because she was familiar with Microsoft Excel. But she didn’t know Python, so she took the Python for Beginners from Simplilearn before taking the Data Science class.  

“I had experience with Java and HTML but not with Python. This is why I took the Python for Beginners course first, to become comfortable with the language. Then I took the Data Science with Python course.” 

Taking courses through Simplilearn has helped Himanshi understand the real-world application of mathematics. Seeing the practical applications, where passion meets with her career goals, she realized that she wanted to deep-dive into data science and analytics.

“In hindsight, I believe it has helped confirm my interests in these fields and has helped me demonstrate my passion for mathematics to colleges in the U.S. which view applicants holistically.”

Data Scientist Master's Program

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Data Scientist Master's Program

Getting Accepted into a Top U.S. Program

When Himanshi graduates from high school, she plans to pursue an undergraduate degree in mathematics and computer science,  after which, she intends to embark on a career in data science.  She is well on her way to achieving her goals and has been accepted into the Mathematics and Computer Science Program at the University of Illinois (UIC).  UIC holds the 5th highest ranking computer program in the United States.

While the next step for Himanshi is college and learning more about data science, she sees the value in the courses offered by Simplilearn, hoping to take more of them in the future. “I plan to explore my interests in college,” she says, “and, perhaps, by taking a few more courses such as Big Data with Simplilearn.”

Laying a Strong Foundation for the Future

Taking courses with Simplilearn helped Himanshi lay the foundation for her knowledge in business analytics and data science. She was able to learn more about real-world applications of mathematics, gain exposure to Python and data science, decide for certain that her future lies in the data science field and learn skills she can apply in college. In addition, these courses helped her get into a top mathematics and computer science program and she recommends the same path to others. 

“I definitely recommend taking courses from Simplilearn, whether you’re a student or a working professional,” she says. “It is a good source of knowledge and skill development that also provides opportunities to apply what you learn with a project at the end of the course. I believe the best learning comes from a combination of theory and application. Simplilearn provides just that.”

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