Everything You Need to Know About Coding vs. Programming

The statement Coding vs. Programming might sound a little pointless, but it is far from that. Many believe they are the same and could be even considered as a synonym of one another. But in the realm of computers, it is a norm to treat them as two different entities with different realities. This Coding vs. Programming tutorial conveys all the minute differences between Coding and Programming.

What Is Coding

Coding can be termed as a job of translating a human-written program into assembly language and feeding it to the computer as binary codes, and helping the computer understand and behave accordingly. Coding is the job of designing and developing compilers and the supporting libraries to execute a user-written program.

So far, you saw what coding is. Now, moving forward in this Coding vs. Programming tutorial, you will learn how coding works in real time.

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How Coding Works?

Coding is a process of establishing a successful communication between a software program and the computer hardware. The compilers translate the program into assembly language. The coding process converts the assembly language to Binary Coded Signals

Computer systems are electronic devices that rely on binary coded signals for communication and functioning. The two types of binary coded signals are o’s and 1’s. These signals are generated using switches and transistors. In the process of coding the high-level language and the assembly level languages are translated into binary codes and the communication between the computer hardware and software application is established.

Let us move into the next section and look into the definition of programming. Programming is a different and complex ball game altogether.  

What Is Programming?

Programming can be defined as a set of principles and directives set for developers as guidelines to design, develop and implement the code to create a software application. In the next stage, let us learn how Programming works

How Programming Works?

Programming is a complex task. Unlike coding, programming is carried out in Stages. Following are the stages of programming a software application.

  • Problem Statement
  • Designing Algorithms and Flowcharts
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • Software Documentation
  • Software Maintenance 

In the next segment of this Coding vs Programming article, we will learn the fundamental differences between the terms Coding and Programming

Coding Vs. Programming: The Fundamental Differences

In this section of the tutorial, you will explore Coding vs. Programming based on some of the principal parameters mentioned below.





Coding is an act of translating user’s instruction to computer

Programming is an act of designing and developing software applications

Skills Required

To understand the hardware system and write code to manipulate it. 

To have problem solving skills and good knowledge of high-level programming languages

Tools used

Example: notepad, notepad++, Eclipse

Example: JDBC, Glassfish, XAMPP, IntelliJ, Eclipse

Approach followed

Follows Trial and Error Principle

Systematic Step-by-Step Approach


Establish communication layer between software and system hardware

To design and develop a completely functional software application and maintain the application

Community and Resources

Stackoverflow, GitHub

Stackoverflow, GitHub

  • Definition
  • Skills required
  • Tools Used
  • Approach followed
  • Results/Goals
  • Community and Resources

Definition of Coding

Coding is an act of translation. It writes the user's instructions in the form of a computer program. It converts the computer program into low-level language codes and feeds it to the computer for execution.

Definition of Programming

Programming is an act of designing and developing a logical software solution to the problem statement. It involves designing and developing the algorithms, flowcharts, and implementing the solution using a programming language.

Skills Required for Coding

Coding professionals need to understand the hardware specifications and need the basics of writing a program to develop compilers and libraries to support the execution of software developed by programmers.

Skills Required for Programming

Programming is a superset of computer software development. It also covers the coding part. Yet, the primary region of programming deals with understanding the problem statement and designing a logical solution to the problem using algorithms and flowcharts.

Post the design stage, the next step is to implement the solution using a programming language. Later, you need to fix the errors, and bugs in the pre-production software. The final product is the solution to the problem.

Tools Used in Coding

Coding uses traditional code/program editing tools like notepad, notpad++, Eclipse, and so on.

Tools Used in Programming

Programming tools are not confined to only editing a program. It involves interoperability between different software applications via data connectors. A software web application might have to store and manipulate data in a database and many more.

The Approach Followed in Coding.

Coding is the fundamental groundwork before creating fully functional software. Hence, the process is full of trials and errors until an operational system is designed to comply with the software program and behave accordingly.

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The Approach Followed in Programming.

Unlike coding, programming follows an organized and systematic approach. Programming follows stage-by-stage development and pays significant attention to details to avoid bugs and errors in the production stage. 

Results/Goals of Coding

The goal of coding is simple. It needs to produce an operational communication layer between the software program and the computer system.

Results/Goals of Programming

The overall motto of programming is to offer a completely functional software application and maintain the software application.

Community and Resources 

Both software coders and software programmers can refer to an ocean of community and resources. The major giants of the community are StackOverflow, and GitHub, they stand in the top position when it comes to resources.

So, with that, you have come to an end of this Coding Vs. Programming tutorial. 

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Taking a Step Back

In this article, Coding Vs. Programming we learned that no-Code and low-Code Development have started taking over the current IT Industry. These approaches have proven that hard-core coding skills aren't necessary to design and develop the most powerful applications.

The No-Code and Low-Code Development methods have drastically reduced the time required to develop the applications and minimized production bugs. We recommend you to take a glance and give a detailed briefing about the No-Code and Low-Code Development principles.

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Happy learning!

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