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Data Structure Tutorial


Arrays in Data Structures: A Guide With Examples

Lesson - 1

All You Need to Know About Two-Dimensional Arrays

Lesson - 2

All You Need to Know About a Linked List in a Data Structure

Lesson - 3

The Complete Guide to Implement a Singly Linked List

Lesson - 4

The Ultimate Guide to Implement a Doubly Linked List

Lesson - 5

The Fundamentals for Understanding Circular Linked List

Lesson - 6

The Ultimate Guide To Understand The Differences Between Stack And Queue

Lesson - 7

Implementing Stacks in Data Structures

Lesson - 8

Your One-Stop Solution for Stack Implementation Using Array

Lesson - 9

Your One-Stop Solution for Queue Implementation Using Array

Lesson - 10

Your One-Stop Solution for Stack Implementation Using Linked-List

Lesson - 11

Your One-Stop Solution to Learn Depth-First Search(DFS) Algorithm From Scratch

Lesson - 12

All You Need to Know About Linear Search Algorithm

Lesson - 13

All You Need to Know About Breadth-First Search Algorithm

Lesson - 14

A One-Stop Solution for Using Binary Search Trees in Data Structure

Lesson - 15

The Best Tutorial to Understand Trees in Data Structure

Lesson - 16

A Complete Guide to Implement Binary Tree in Data Structure

Lesson - 17

A Holistic Look at Using AVL Trees in Data Structures

Lesson - 18

All You Need to Know About Tree Traversal in Data Structure

Lesson - 19

The Best Guide You’ll Ever Need to Understand B-Tree in Data Structure

Lesson - 20

The Best Guide You'll Ever Need to Understand Spanning Tree in Data Structure

Lesson - 21

Your One-Stop Solution to Understand Shell Sort Algorithm

Lesson - 22

The Most Useful Guide to Learn Selection Sort Algorithm

Lesson - 23

Everything You Need to Know About Radix Sort Algorithm

Lesson - 24

Everything You Need to Know About the Counting Sort Algorithm

Lesson - 25

Your One-Stop Solution to Quick Sort Algorithm

Lesson - 26

Everything You Need to Know About the Merge Sort Algorithm

Lesson - 27

Insertion Sort Algorithm: One-Stop Solution That Will Help You Understand Insertion Sort

Lesson - 28

Your One-Stop Solution for Graphs in Data Structures

Lesson - 29

The Best Guide to Understand and Implement Solutions for Tower of Hanoi Puzzle

Lesson - 30
Data Structure Tutorial
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  • 30 Lessons
  • 4 hrs of Learning
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To go by the definition, a data structure is a way to organize data in a computer in order to use it effectively. It is a data organization, management, and storage format that serves as the basis for abstract data types. And different types of data structures are used for different kinds of applications, some are specifically specialized for niche tasks. Know all about these various types of data structures, and so much more in this data structure tutorial now. Start learning!

Skills Covered

  • data structure tutorial

Topics Covered

  • Arrays in Data Structure
  • 2D Array in Data Structue
  • Linked List in Data Structure

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