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10 Reasons That Explain Why You Need to Learn Java

Lesson - 1

What is Java: A Beginners Guide To Java

Lesson - 2

What Is JDK in Java? Why Do We Need It?

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One-Stop Solution for Java Installation in Windows

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How to Get Started With Eclipse IDE?

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What Are Java Strings And How to Implement Them?

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Arrays In Java: Declare, Define, and Access Array

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What Are Java Collections and How to Implement Them?

Lesson - 8

What Are Java Classes and Objects and How Do You Implement Them?

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How to Implement the Revolutionary OOPs Concepts in Java

Lesson - 10

What is Encapsulation in Java and How to Implement It?

Lesson - 11

What is an Abstract Class in Java and How to Implement It?

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What is Inheritance in Java and How to Implement It

Lesson - 13

What is Java Interface and Why it's Needed?

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What is Polymorphism in Java and How to Implement It?

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What is a Java Lambda Expression and How to Implement It?

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Your One-Stop Solution for Multithreading in Java

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The Differences Between C++ and Java That You Need To Know

Lesson - 18

Java vs. Python: Which is the Best Programming Language?

Lesson - 19

Java vs JavaScript: Know The 8 Major Differences

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Top 25 Pattern Programs in Java For Printing Numbers

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Java EE Tutorial: All You Need To Know About Java EE

Lesson - 22

What is Exception Handling in Java?

Lesson - 23

What Is Java JDBC? The Complete Reference

Lesson - 24

What is Java API and The Need for Java APIs?

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Introduction To Java Servlets and Its Life-Cycle

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10 Best Java Frameworks You Should Know in 2021

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Top 10 Brilliant Java Project Ideas You Need to Know

Lesson - 28

65+ Java Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

Lesson - 29

Java Programming: The Complete Reference You Need

Lesson - 30

All You Need to Know to Implement JUnit Testing in Java

Lesson - 31

What Is Junit? a Look Into the Best Java Testing Framework

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Ruby on Rails

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Top 10 Brilliant Java Project Ideas You Need to Know

Java is the leading Programming Language in the IT industry, and it is being used for almost every type of software development. From Mobile phones to Mainframes, Java is present everywhere.

If you are a beginner or a Software development aspirant, we would strongly recommend you start working on real-time and full-fledged real-time Java projects.

This "Java Projects" article is wholly based on the same plan of helping fellow developers with real-time Java Projects ideas, that would help you get another step closer to your dream role.

Online Courier Services Java Project

Online Courier systems have improvised the shopping experience to an exponential level. Be it your lunch or your favorite electronic gadget, you can place an order for it online, and the product will be delivered in no time.

This kind of application is used by any product and service-based company like Flipkart, Amazon, Uber, and much more. Experience in designing, developing, deploying such an application could make you stand out and make it easy for you to get into your dream company.

Link to the Source code of the Online Courier Services

Online Courier Service project deals with the 'Courier Service management System.' The system will be used for day-to-day activities. 

  • Product 
  • Buy a Product
  • To return a product
  • Payment Window
  • company details 
  • hub rates 
  • Delivery Details
  • Non-delivery Details
  • Reviews

Tools you might prefer to work on Online Courier Services.

project ideas

The flow of Online Courier Services.


Followed by Online Courier Systems, we have an Online Voting System.

Online Voting System

Despite providing updates and awareness ads on social media, television, and even newspapers, our system could not encourage many to cast a vote.

This issue is only caused by not having an alternative for the current voting practices as they are proven to be time-consuming, and the most tedious job is to wait in a queue to cast your vote. The issue can be changed by developing an online voting system.

Link to the Source code for the Online voting System 

The online voting system project is designed for the Government to help the public cast their votes in the simplest way possible.

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The project would include two stages.


  • Manage Election Candidates
  • Manage Voting Candidates
  • Profiles and Passwords
  • Election Results


  • Registration
  • Login and Logout
  • Profile and Password
  • Choose a candidate to vote
  • Cast Vote

Tools you might prefer to work on Online Voting System.

online voting

The flow of Online Voting System.


Followed by an Online Voting System, we have E -HealthCare Management.

E-HealthCare Management

At the time of 2020's Pandemic, everyone needed a virtual doctor who could attend to them via a smart device and assist the patient with a medical prescription online. The application can keep both the doctor and the patient socially distant and safe.

This application would be of great help for issues like the common cold, fever, and other similar health problems that did not need a physical presence of either a patient or the doctor. A few such applications are in the development stage.

Link to the Source code for the E-HealthCare Management

E-Health Care Management System is a web-based project. The main objective of this project is to provide perfect management of data related to staff and patients in hospitals

  • Doctor Registration
  • Patient Registration
  • Web UI
  • Hospital Registration
  • Database to keep track of beds and patients

Tools you might prefer to work on E-HealthCare Management.


The flow of E-HealthCare Management


Followed by E-HealthCare Management, we have the popular Online Banking.

Online Banking

Online Banking has changed the way banks usually function. It bought most of the time-consuming procedures like money transfer, RTGS, NEFT to account holders' fingertips. Most of the national and multinational banks use internet banking these days.

Experience details in one such project added to your resume would get a positive impact on your profile.

Link to the Source code for the Online Banking Project

Online Banking System is a model - Banking Site. This site helps customers to perform bank transactions through a phone or laptop. The project would be performing the following operations.

  • Home page of the Online Banking site
  • Creation of the new accounts
  • Login, Logout
  • Manage Profile and Password
  • View the balance of the account
  • Deposit the amount 
  • Withdraw amount 
  • Transfer the amount 
  • Close account

Tools you might prefer while working in Online Banking.


The flow of Online Banking

online banking

Followed by Online Banking, we have Online Examination.

Online Examination

Most schools, colleges, universities, and even Government and Private offices have switched from traditional paper-based examinations to online examinations. Due to the wide-spread applications, this project might help you learn more about a wide variety of skills.

Link to the Source code for the Online Examination Project

The project should be capable of the following functionalities.

  • Login
  • Update Profile and Password
  • Selecting answers for MCQs
  • Writing Answers to questions
  • Closing session and Logout

Tools you might prefer to work on Online Examination Project.

online exam

The flow of Online Examination Project


Moving forward, let’s see what a Smart-city Project is and how it can be helpful to us.

Smart-city Project

Internet connectivity is one of the necessities of every human being these days. The same applies especially to all the cities. Metropolitan cities have seen a dramatic increase in internet users, and the facilities have proven to be a lot useful.

Smart-City provides services like Hotel booking, Ticket booking, Transport facility providing, business-related information, marketing details, city news, shopping details.

Link to the Source code for the Smart-city Project

The Smart-city project should be capable of the following functionalities.

  • Login
  • Update Profile and Password
  • Search for options
  • Select option
  • Booking
  • Payment window
  • confirmation

Tools you might prefer to work on Smart-City Project.

java project

Followed by the Smart-City Project, we have the interesting - Bug Tracking System.

Bug Tracking System

No one can avoid bugs in the software development stages. Creating a tracking system capable of assisting the software developer in tracking, managing, and eliminating bugs would be a great idea.

Bug Tracking System is in JAVA is used by software companies. The project is to manage the errors, or that occur during the software development phase.

Link to the Source code for the Bug Tracking System Project

The project should be capable of the following.

  • Managing bugs in development
  • facilitate bug search 
  • Provide bug history and solution
  • Store older bug reports
  • Evaluating the works of employees.
  • Auto-update to the latest version

Tools you might prefer to work on Bug Tracking System.

project ideas

The flow of the Bug Tracking System


Followed by the Bug Tracking System, we have the useful feature which is Facial Recognition.

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Facial Recognition

Face Recognition is one of the most popular tools used in various domains, like phones, Law enforcement departments, etc. Working upon one such type of project will help you improve your skills by using multiple libraries, for example, OpenCV.

Face Recognition with OpenCV is an open-source computer vision library with tons of modules like object detection, Face Recognition, and augmented reality.

Link to the Source code for the Facial Recognition Project

The project should be capable of the following.

  • Managing user's faces
  • Facilitate face identification
  • Easy Login and Logout
  • Store Face IDs 
  • Identify suspect with just images
  • Enhanced way to find Cybercriminals 

Tools you might prefer to work on Facial Recognition Project.

javs project

The flow of Facial Recognition Project


Followed by the Facial Recognition Project, we have another crucial one, which is Vehicle Recognition.

Vehicle Recognition

Similar to Face Recognition, the Java Vehicle Recognition also has a wide range of applications in real-time. The Vehicle Recognition application is used to identify vehicles by reading the license plate on them.

A machine learning algorithm captures the image and reads the alphanumeric values on it, and fetches the vehicle's details.

JavaANPR is a number plate recognition software that implements algorithmic and mathematical principles from artificial intelligence, machine vision, and neural networks.

Link to the Source code for the Vehicle Recognition Project

The project should be capable of the following.

  • Capture the image
  • Image Preprocessing
  • Licence character set segmentation
  • Feature Extraction
  • Training Neural network
  • Evaluation 
  • Result

Tools you might prefer to work on the Vehicle Recognition Project.


The flow of Vehicle Recognition Project

project ideas

Followed by the Vehicle Recognition Project, we have Speech Recognition.

Speech Recognition

The exponential rise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning paved the way for Speech Recognition. It is widely used for many purposes, like Alexa, Cortana, Google translate, security, and much more.

In Java, the Speech recognizer covers audio to text. java.speech.recognition package defines the Recognizer interface to support speech recognition plus a set of supporting classes and interfaces.

Link to the Source code for the Speech Recognition Project

The project should be capable of the following.

  • Create a Speech Recognizer
  • Allocate Resources
  • Load and Enable Grammar
  • Attach Result listener
  • Commit Changes
  • Process Results 

Tools you might prefer to work on Facial Recognition Project.

project ideas

The flow of Facial Recognition Project


With the Facial Recognition Project, we reach the end of this "Java Project Ideas" article. I hope we have discussed some of the most popular project ideas, and we hope that you have found them helpful.

The next milestone is to crack "How to Become a Software Developer."

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If you have any questions about this "Java Project Ideas" article, please leave them in the comments section, and our expert team will be happy to answer them for you at the earliest!

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