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The Best Tips for Learning Python

Lesson - 1

How to Install Python on Windows?

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Top 10 Python IDEs in 2020: Choosing The Best One

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A Beginner’s Guide To Python Variables

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Understanding Python If-Else Statement

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Python Numbers: Integers, Floats, Complex Numbers

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Python Strings | Simplilearn Python Tutorial

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The Basics of Python Loops

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Python For Loops Explained With Examples

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Introduction to Python While Loop

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Everything You Need to Know About Python Arrays

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All You Need To Know About Python List

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How to Easily Implement Python Sets and Dictionaries

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A Handy Guide to Python Tuples

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Everything You Need to Know About Python Slicing

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Python Regular Expression (RegEX)

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Learn A to Z About Python Functions

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Objects and Classes in Python: Create, Modify and Delete

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Python OOPs Concept: Here's What You Need to Know

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An Introduction to Python Threading

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Getting Started With Jupyter Network

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PyCharm Tutorial: Getting Started with PyCharm

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The Best NumPy Tutorial for Beginners

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The Best Python Pandas Tutorial

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An Introduction to Matplotlib for Beginners

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The Best Guide to Time Series Analysis In Python

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An Introduction to Scikit-Learn: Machine Learning in Python

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A Beginner's Guide To Web Scraping With Python

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Python Django Tutorial: The Best Guide on Django Framework

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Top 10 Reason Why You Should Learn Python

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10 Cool Python Project Ideas For Beginners in 2021

Lesson - 31

The Best Ideas for Python Automation Projects

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12 Tips On How To Become a Python Developer

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The Best Guide for RPA Using Python

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Comprehending Web Development With PHP vs. Python

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The Best Tips for Learning Python - REMOVE

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The Best Way to Learn About Box and Whisker Plot

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An Interesting Guide to Visualizing Data Using Python Seaborn

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The Complete Guide to Data Visualization in Python

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Everything You Need to Know About Game Designing With Pygame in Python

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The Complete Simplified Guide to Python Bokeh

Lesson - 41

Top 50 Python Interview Questions and Answers in 2020

Lesson - 42
The Best Ideas for Python Automation Projects

Python is a popular, advanced, interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented scripting language. Python is designed to be highly readable. It often uses English keywords, on the other hand, other languages use punctuation. It also has fewer syntactic constructions than the other scripting languages.

Python is an extensively used programming language in the fields of web development, game development, data analytics, and machine learning. This article on Python Automation Project Ideas will help you learn about some of the standard and exciting projects you can create using Python.

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Machine Learning Prediction

Machine Learning is a massive field of technology, both in terms of software and hardware. Its applications spread across almost every industrial and commercial area. Now Python is commonly used for implementing machine learning models and algorithms.

Some of the most popular Python libraries that are used for solving machine learning problems are :

  • Numpy - NumPy adds support for large, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices, along with an extensive collection of mathematical functions to work on these arrays.
  • Pandas – Pandas is known to offer data structures and operations that works towards manipulating numerical tables and time series.
  • Scikit-learn - Scikit-learn is a machine learning library for the Python programming language. It features various classification, regression and clustering algorithms, including support vector machines and other algorithms.
  • Tensorflow - TensorFlow is also a library for machine learning. It can be used across a range of tasks but focuses on training and inference of deep neural networks.

Some of the application areas where Python automation is extensively employed are :

  • Industries – Industries have been using machines for a long time now, but with the introduction of "smart" machines, Python has come into use in industrial machines and appliances.
  • Hospitals – Hospitals use advanced medical equipment for monitoring various body conditions. The newer machines can suggest actions based on specific situations, and for that, Python programming is required.
  • Drones – Drones have become popular recently, and they are mostly powered by Artificial Intelligence, which is powered by Python.

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Web Scraping

Web Scraping is a common technique used to extract large amounts of data from websites and web applications, and Python is the go-to language for web scraping.

  • Beautiful Soup is a Python library that is popularly used for parsing HTML and XML documents.
  • It creates parse trees that help extract the data easily.
  • It will help for Selenium and Pandas libraries to be installed alongside Beautiful Soup so that data can be appropriately structured and become ready for further use.

The extracted data from a website is usually stored in a local file on the computer or in a database in the form of tables.

Share Market / Cryptocurrency Tracker

The prices of the share market and cryptocurrencies go up and down ever so often, so Python is used to track and predict the market for profitable investment. 

Even though the markets are volatile, Python automation can provide a trend for a better purchase or sale.

  • LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) is an artificial recurrent neural network architecture popularly used for applications like stock market predictions.
  • LSTM models are powerful, especially for retaining long-term memory and therefore can provide trends using large amounts of data.

A well-informed investment can go a long way, and that's where automated stock price trackers come in, which of course, are powered by Python.

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Chatbots are becoming increasingly common, especially in business and e-commerce fields, aiming to provide a superior customer service experience to buyers.

Chatbots are usually developed using Natural Language Processing libraries like NLTK, spaCy, etc. These libraries can take hundreds of thousands of sentences and then create a new sentence as a response to a question.

  • Chatbots are automated customer assistance service powered by Python.
  • They used to be only text-based, but now more and more chatbots offer voice support with the advancement of natural language processing libraries based on Python.

File Management

Python is used for automated file management – creating, deleting, renaming, and other file operations. A handful of Python scripts can perform full-blown file management operations automatically or at a scheduled time.

  • Python scripts are used to perform file management operations, either on the same filesystem or remotely.
  • They are instrumental when files have to be modified over the network using some API technologies.

Data Mining

Data Mining is a process of turning raw data into useful information using data science and statistical methods.

  • Python libraries like Numpy and Pandas are used for making sense of the raw extracted data from any source, including a local file or a website on the internet.
  • ML models like Regression and Classification are further applied to the structured data to bring out some results.

Big companies often use data mining to turn raw data into meaningful information and gain insights.

Send Reminder Emails and Texts

Python is often used in workplaces to automate and schedule the sending/receiving of emails and texts.

  • Python packages – email, smtplib, are used for sending emails using just Python.
  • You can turn a time-consuming task into an automated/scheduled task.

Emails and texts are usually automated or scheduled, among other tasks within a team, to focus on further development tasks. This increases productivity and encourages better time management in a group.

Update Excel Sheets Automatically

Spreadsheets are commonly used to store large amounts of data. Going through and editing thousands of data cells in a spreadsheet can be daunting and so Python is also be used to edit spreadsheets using Python scripts.

  • Python provides a module that allows your Python programs to read and modify Excel spreadsheet files, and not just excel spreadsheets, but other formats too like OpenOffice sheets or Libre Office sheets, or any spreadsheet.
  • Excel is a popular spreadsheet application by Microsoft, but there are many alternatives in case you don't want to pay for it.
  • OpenPyXL is a module based on Python that you can install to work with Excel spreadsheets and automate tasks using Python.
  • Excel sheets can be daunting, especially when there is lots of data in spreadsheets.
  • Python helps automate the filtering of data based on specified factors depending on the data type.
  • Python provides CRUD (Create Update Delete), along with other features on Excel spreadsheets.

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Fill Online Forms

Filling up online forms can be tiring, but what should you do when you have to fill thousands of similar forms? The best way is to write a relevant Python script for that particular form and let it fill all the forms automatically.

  • Python is used to fill up online forms automatically.
  • Any suitable Python script can extract data from a file and fill an equivalent online form.
  • You can automate filling up online forms like Google forms or other sign-up / login forms.
  • Using vanilla Python scripts, forms can be submitted without any user interference.

You need to provide data equivalent to what is required to fill up a particular form on the internet. For example, if a specific google form has fields for name, age, and gender, a Python script should be written precisely to fill those fields.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the network of physical things embedded with some software, sensors, and other technologies that help them connect to other devices on a network.

  • Python provides various modules for developing services and applications for many IoT devices like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • Packages like mraa, sockets, mysqldb, and others are popularly used for IoT applications.
  • Python is used as a primary language for IoT because of its compact syntax and fast runtime speed.
  • IoT applications spread across various fields, like smart appliances, wearables, etc.
  • The ultimate concept being an "Interconnected World" more than ever.

So we have now covered the 10 most popular Python Automation Project Ideas. (There are many other uses of Python as well. But these are the most trending according to the current scenario.) You may use up these ideas for your work as well as college or office projects.

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We hope this article on Python Automation Project Ideas was helpful for you. Do you have any specific questions for us? Mention them in this article's comments section, and we'll have our experts answer them for you at the earliest!

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