User-Generated Content Is Killing It Right Now

Social media feeds are ablaze with it. Brands crave it. And consumers trust it the most.

It’s user-generated content (or UGC, if you don’t have the time), and it’s simply dominating the internet.

What Is UGC, you ask? 

UGC (user-generated content) is any content created by the user of a product or service. Typically, users share this content online to inform others about their experience. Brands often promote UGC because consumers view it as more authentic and, therefore, largely base their purchase decisions around it.

Just look at this recent Instagram post by Apple:



The #ShotoniPhone campaign, which showcases user photos captured on iPhones, has helped Apple increase consumer confidence, engagement, and sales. That’s without creating any of the content themselves!

Let’s explore other types of user content popping up on social media feeds, advertisements, and websites.

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5 Examples of User-Generated Content  

Whole Foods



Whole Foods generously promotes UGC on its Instagram account, and this recent post shows why: What better promotion of your product than someone who included it during one of the most important days of their life? User-generated content for the win.

A Little Photo Studio



A Little Photo Studio does a brilliant job of sharing content from users on its social media. While their primary service is photography, this post shows how users implement those services with tangible products in the home. It’s also proof you don’t have to be a big-name brand to successfully integrate this type of media. Just ask your customers to share photos of themselves using your products or services, get permission to share, and then promote! 

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Dry Farm Wines



User-generated content doesn’t just have to live on social media. Dry Farm Wines shares UGC on the homepage of its website, too, as part of its social proof. The result? Website visitors see others having a good experience with the brand, increasing their trust and confidence.



Source: Instagram feed

Article takes another approach by incorporating UGC with its social media advertising. Now it can reach an even wider audience with ads that show its products IRL (in real life), making it more appealing to consumers. Gaining permission from the user and tagging them in the post, like Article did here, is an important step in creating UGC ads.




Peloton knows that content from its users is highly effective for boosting awareness and engagement. That’s why this post on Facebook is a smart move: it not only shows a real-life user scenario but also shares the product in an authentic setting. It’s a big endorsement, and it’s extremely influential.

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Learn More About User-Generated Content

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