Imagine creating a marketing plan that customers are excited to see. Marketing that makes your target audience pause and pursue your company.

Until the past couple decades, marketing was limited to platforms like radio, television, and newspaper, forcing often unwanted advertising in the home. These traditional marketing methods are quickly becoming a thing of the past. As we’ve entered the digital age, platforms are no longer forced or limiting. In fact, many consumers love them, which is advantageous to you as a content marketer. But what is content marketing?

Imagine your viewer comes across your brand through marketing with intent. They scroll upon it while browsing the web or click open an email with an intriguing subject line. Instead of mindless scrolling and deleting, they absorb the information you provide and spend 10 minutes with your content. 

Take it one step further. Now imagine they help promote your business. But how?

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing startegy focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant content to attract and retain a defined audience. Ultimately, it drives profitable customer action

Rather than pitch something, you provide useful content to your target audience to help them solve a need. Replacing forced advertising, the content you create is now an educational resource that may or may not be about your product or service. As you continue to publish content with a purpose, you become increasingly credible. More and more targeted buyers will want to consume and become loyal to your brand.

It’s crucial to understand that content marketing is one step beyond simply creating content. It involves an active promotional role across all of your online mediums, like your website and social media profiles. 

Interaction is key. Your content marketing strategy should be customer-focused. It’s your due diligence to respond to as many comments and questions as possible. A content strategy that addresses problems also casts an open net for a broader audience. The difference between content marketing and other types of marketing strategies is the value and credibility it builds over time with a continuously increasing ROI.

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What Is Content Marketing and Why Is It Essential?

Content marketing is essential for growing your business, and here’s why:

Your Audience Says It Is 

Consumers should find your content and marketing valuable, and it’s not just hearsay. Data and analytics will prove just how much your audience is engaging. 

Your Competition Is Doing It

Other businesses in your field are likely promoting content to the same consumers. You don’t want to miss a possible sale by having a poor content strategy that leaves you invisible on key platforms or absent from critical conversations. Your aim is to be the preferred brand.

Customer Loyalty

By being a brand authority, you have a higher probability of reaching your target audience. Actively engaging with followers and potential leads will strengthen both your client base and relationships.

Increased Sales and Cost Savings

Social media platforms, for example, are budget efficient. They lead you to many ready-to-buy consumers.

What Is Content Marketing: Examples

Content marketing provides vast opportunities to get creative. Interactive campaigns are everywhere, and you don’t want your digital strategies to be outdated. 

Some of the content marketing strategies are:

Check out additional content marketing examples, as well as how and when they’re used. Refer to our article on 7 Types of Content Marketing and How to Rock Them.

How You Can Become a Successful Content Marketer 

Content marketing is now the present and future of marketing and advertising. 

So, how can you get started with content marketing, and how do you make it successful? 

The first step is knowing the audience you want to reach and how your brand can assist them. Asking yourself the same questions a customer would ask. Know the ins and outs of the types of content they consume and where they spend most of their activity online. 

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Once you’ve assessed the interest of your ideal consumers, you can begin to craft a successful digital marketing strategy. Meet your audience with exciting and informative content. To really run a successful content strategy campaign, present new content regularly on your website and across other digital media channels. 

For an even further in-depth look into how to become a successful content marketer and answer “what is content marketing?” jump over to our article, How to Develop a Winning Content Strategy in Record Time.

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