Why are Employability Skills Important

Today, the job market is more competitive in an altogether different sense. Along with subject matter expertise, employers are now looking for employability skills as essential traits in their potential employees. 

While it was easier for IT professionals to land jobs — thanks to the mushrooming start-ups — many of them are now finding it difficult to keep their employment or be successful in their roles. 

One reason for this is the ever-changing nature of technology. Technology is evolving every day, and if you are unable to upskill to stay relevant in your industry, you will inevitably fall behind your peers. Another reason that many are experiencing difficulty successfully launching their careers is that employers are now stressing on "employability skills" — skills that go beyond qualifications and experience.

In this article, we will cover the following topics in detail:

  • What are employability skills?
  • Why are employability skills important? 
  • Top 10 employability skills and ways to improve them

What are Employability Skills?

According to STEMNET (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Network), "employability" is defined as "transferable skills needed by an individual to make them 'employable." Employability relates to your knowledge, skills, and attitudes, how you use those assets, and how you present them to employers in today's context. 

Today, your education and experience may only be enough to qualify for a job but, but, to be successful in most roles in the field of emerging technologies, you will need soft skills like communication, team-work, and problem-solving. These 'soft skills' that will equip you to carry out your role in the company to the best of your ability are also referred to as 'employability skills.' 

"Building blocks" of any career; these skills are what make you employable across roles, sectors, and industries. Employers usually want to see that you already have these 'soft skills' before hiring, because they are much harder to teach.

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Why are Employability Skills Important? 

These set of "job-readiness" skills are, in essence, behaviors that are necessary for every job and are essential attitudes that allow you to grow in your career and also efficiently let you:

  • connect with co-workers
  • solve problems 
  • be a part of and understand your role within the team
  • make responsible choices for your job and your career
  • be independent and take charge of your career 

Personal characteristics, habits, and attitudes influence how you interact with others. Employers value employability skills because they regard these as indications of how you get along with other employees and team members and customers and how efficiently you are likely to handle your job performance and career success. 

Employers value these unique attributes in their potential employees because they have always been necessary for a productive and smoothly functioning workforce. Enterprises spend a substantial amount of time and money, developing these foundational and work-readiness skills. But in today's world, where jobs are few, employers enjoy more options and would like to hire a technical expert who also displays well-rounded employability skills. 

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Top 10 Employability Skills and Ways to Improve Them 

STEMNET has compiled a collection of what top recruiters like Accenture, Siemens, Nokia, etc., refer to as the top 10 ten employability skills employers look for. These are the strengths and qualities that a company would expect you to have when you appear for the job interview. It is equally important for you to draft an effective resume mentioning the right skills you have for the job. In fact, you should learn how to let your employers know that you possess these skills in your resume or during the interview. 

Here are the top 10 employability skills that employers are looking for in the current employment scenario.

1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

The ability to express your ideas and opinions clearly and to explain what you want to achieve without ambiguity. This includes listening and understanding and acting upon what others are saying or instructing.

Improvement Tip: Write reports and assignments regularly as part of your studies.

2. Problem-Solving Skills

This involves your ability to think logically and find solutions to setbacks.

Improvement Tip: Do a course that looks at problem-solving.

3. Self-Motivation

The ability to come up with new ideas and solutions and displaying enterprising capabilities to do things on your own without being instructed.

Improvement Tip: Approaching organizations for work placements or internships.

4. Working under Pressure

Ability to deliver the best performance within deadlines without buckling under work-stress. 

Improvement Tip: Balance time around work, study, and family commitments.

5. Organizational skills

A systematic approach to work that emphasizes planning every move to meet deadlines. 

Improvement Tip: Help to organize an office/community event.

6. Team Spirit

Workplaces are increasingly inclusive these days, and the ability to work well with other people from different backgrounds, disciplines, and expertise to accomplish a task or goal perhaps matters the most today. 

Improvement Tip: Join a team or do group assignments. 

7. Learning Skills

Your desire to learn and understand new things is an essential skill-set in the tech world today where skill-gaps are appearing quick, and upskilling is inevitable.

Improvement Tip: Take up a new hobby or learn new skills.

8. Number and Data Skills

As a technical expert, you are no stranger to numbers. But number-skills is the ability to use data to demonstrate a point.

Improvement Tip: Use graphs and tables to prove your point.

9. Value Diversity

People in modern workplaces come from different backgrounds. Learning to work with people of different ages, religions, and political opinion is essential for your career progress.

Improvement Tip: Volunteer to work in another department.

10. Negotiation Skills

The ability to work towards a win-win outcome where you can make objective decisions after listening to the opinions of all stakeholders.

Improvement Tip: Practice negotiation in daily life.

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