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Attain New Career Heights with Online Learning

Picture of Nava Timsina

Nava Timsina

14+ years

Picture of Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager

Everest Bank Ltd

Picture of Project Specialist

Project Specialist

HP Inc

As documented by Nava Raj Timsina

I currently work as a project specialist at HP Inc. and live in Indiana. I recently emigrated to the U.S. from Nepal, where I worked in various banking positions for 14 years, and I climbed up the banking ladder from junior assistant to assistant manager. Upon arriving in America, I immediately realized that the skills and knowledge I had acquired in Nepal were insufficient to find a job in America — at least not one that was on par with the position I had back in Nepal. 

The answer was to upskill myself, and I enrolled in Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program In Business Analysis course, provided in collaboration with Purdue University. I enjoyed the assignments and how the instructor would review them with us before grading. Discussions with other experienced learners were valuable because they shed light on different aspects of topics, which we beginners would have otherwise missed. 

After completing the course, I applied for a job as a project specialist at HP Inc. and was hired without any hurdles. I’m using the skills and knowledge I gained from the course, which have been instrumental in guiding my career. 

Improving Career Prospects with Action

I focused on a business analytics career after moving to the U.S. However, I realized early on that I had to add new skills to my portfolio. I researched the scope of various jobs in America and found that business analysis best suited my interest and background. I learned about Simplilearn and enrolled in its Professional Certificate Program In Business Analysis. The course is designed to accommodate everyone within the course, even beginners like me.

Professional Certificate Program In Business Analysis
Exclusive IBM Hackathons, AMA, and data analytics certification

A Superior Learning Experience

I recommend Simplilearn as a top-notch platform for upskilling. I had some overwhelming times during the course, but the instructors gave me proper guidance and helped me succeed. My overall experience with Simplilearn was worth my time and money.

Simplilearn Feedback: Gain Business Analytics Skills with the Pros

Professionals serious about gaining business analytics skills will be light-years ahead of the game with Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program In Business Analysis course. By managing industry-relevant projects, learners gain core business analytics techniques, modeling, and reporting skills. This course is geared toward those who want to become industry-ready with IIBA-accredited and IBM courses. Contact Simplilearn and learn how its flexible online courses can move your career in a promising new direction.