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First Step Towards My Dream of Becoming a CTO

Picture of Sridhar Talluri

Sridhar Talluri

9+ years

Picture of Program Manager

Program Manager


Picture of Asst.General Manager

Asst.General Manager

Al Tomouh IT LLC

As documented by Sridhar Talluri  

I am passionate about technology and enjoy upskilling my technical knowledge. Learning new technologies is the only way to achieve my aim, which is to become a Chief Technical Officer. Simplilearn helped me take the first step towards my dream of becoming a CTO!  

The Journey 

After completing my graduation and post graduation, I joined MITECH as a Delivery Head. I worked there for almost 8 years, and then joined Value Labs as a Project Manager. Based on my performance and work ethic, I was then promoted to Senior Project Manager after 2 years. Currently, I am working as an Assistant General Manager at Al Tomouh IT LLC located in Muscat, Oman. I have been a technical officer at the company for the past 1.5 years. 

The Challenge 

I aim to become a Chief Technical Officer in the long-run. I want to keep upscaling my technical knowledge to be able to lead a team of  technical managers. 

I was looking for an opportunity to change my career path. Being a program manager was fun, but I wanted to explore the technical side of handling a project and hence, Business Analytics. From a project manager to assistant general manager, the journey has been thrilling and it was because of my decision to upskill, that I could make it.  

Simplilearn Solution

I did an extensive research on online courses that could help me upskill and came across Simplilearn’s CBAP Certification Training Course. The course helps in staying relevant to rapid changes in the IT industry and competencies in all aspects of business analysis.

Business Analyst Master’s Program
Learn by working on real-world problems

The Impact 

With a more practical understanding of business analysis, I was given new projects. They were more challenging and fun. I could now use my knowledge to solve bigger problems and efficiently analyze important projects. With newer projects and more responsibility, my salary also increased by 10%

The course was taught by industry experts. Unlike typical learning programs, this one was practical knowledge centric and did not focus only on theory. The experience of the experts helped me understand real world application of the concepts and prepared me for my job role better. In short, it was the perfect way to learn. There’s nothing more or less to it, just perfect.