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Make Continual Learning Part of Your Career Development

Maulikkumar Jani

Maulikkumar Jani

10+ years

Business System Analyst

Business System Analyst

Big Erics Inc.

Business System Analyst

Business System Analyst


As documented by Maulikkumar Jani

I began my IT career working for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in India before moving to Canada, where I now work as a Business System Analyst for Big Erics Inc. When I arrived, I felt the need to upskill myself to stand out from the crowd and began taking courses from Simplilearn to help me reach my goals. I completed Simplilearn’s Business Analyst Master’s Program to become a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) and to pass the IIBA certification exam. After completing these achievements, I received a salary hike of 20 percent, and because I learned skills such as Excel, Tableau, and Power BI, my work efficiency increased by 65 percent.

I believe strongly in the value of continual education. I am a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and I am studying for a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. I believe if we stop learning, then we are halting our growth. My goal in the next five years is to become a quality director for a manufacturing or service company.

A Rewarding Upskilling Experience

At TCS, I worked in the process automation field, where my team worked with clients from the manufacturing, service, insurance, and financial sectors. When I moved to Canada to work as a business system analyst at Big Erics Inc, I felt I needed to gain a CBAP certification. I received a lot of support from Simplilearn, found their live classes and study materials beneficial, and received excellent CBAP training. I learned the project parameters, modules, and phases, and I gained a broader understanding of what the business analyst job is all about.

Simplilearn’s instructors were very responsive to queries, and the study material was comprehensive and informative. I enjoyed the projects and the practical knowledge I received with Simplilearn, and I hope to get more training from Simplilearn to get more certifications and grow my career.

Professional Certificate Program In Business Analysis
Exclusive IBM Hackathons, AMA, and data analytics certification

The Flexibility to Succeed

The nature of my work allowed me to have study time. Plus, I had the support of my manager and human resources, who gave me the time to complete my certification. Also, Simplilearn’s flexibility helped a lot. We could choose the timing of our classes based on our convenience, be it weekdays or weekends. 

Reap Practical Rewards

A side benefit is studying with Simplilearn helped me learn how to tackle challenges and manage my time more efficiently. I implemented Agile methodology in my job and saw a 65% increase in productivity. I also learned many Excel skills, which are mandatory in the real world these days.