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New Job With a 20% Salary Hike!

Picture of Baskaran Sethumadhavan

Baskaran Sethumadhavan

15+ years

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General Manager Transformation

AGS Health

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IT Consultant


As documented by Sethu Baskaran

As someone who believes in upskilling and hard work as the key to achieving my goal, I pursued a PGP in Digital Transformation course with Simplilearn to advance my knowledge and get certified. Still, as a bonus, I ended up with a better job and a 20% salary increment!

My career journey so far

Fresh out of college, I started my career as a QA and grew to be a program manager. After gaining 15+ years of experience as a techno-functional leader, working in consulting, quality management, process excellence, data analysis, hyper-automation, and digital transformation, currently, I am focusing on digital projects and the program management office for CXOs. Today, I work as an IT Consultant at TCS, all thanks to the PGP in Digital Transformation course by Simplilearn.

The Challenge

In today’s day and age, digital transformation is a growing field considering the digital revolution and its tremendous potential. With the aim to work on digital projects and contribute to project management offices for CXOs, my challenge was to build up my skills for the same. I have always believed in experimenting with my work and the roles I perform, so I knew upskilling would be the best way to advance my knowledge and gain certifications for the roles I was aiming for.

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Transformation
Real-world capstone projects and mentoring by experts from KPMG

Simplilearn Solution

While researching relevant courses, I came across Simplilearn’s PGP in Digital Transformation, in collaboration with Purdue University. After going through the numerous Simplilearn reviews and high Simplilearn rating, I decided to go through with the course as it focused on the critical aspects of building a digital-ready business. 

The Game-Changing Impact

When I decided to upskill this time, I was only looking to attain the required knowledge for the role and get certified, but this course turned out to be a game changer. It helped me advance my knowledge and validated my skills, which helped me land a new job with TCS as an IT Consultant with a salary hike of 20%.

The experience with Simplilearn was simply amazing. The course was highly relevant to the market needs, and a comprehensive academic curriculum design made learning so much simpler and more convenient. The guides and instructors provided excellent mentorship. I could engage in live classes and study on flexible schedules. The Simplilearn customer care was also extremely helpful and efficient. So, if you are wondering whether Simplilearn is good or bad, I can assure you it is excellent.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Digital Transformation has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in Digital Transformation