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Promotion with a 20% Salary Hike

Karthik Bellare

Karthik Bellare

17+ years

CX Manager & QA

CX Manager & QA


CX Manager & QA

CX Manager & QA


As documented by Karthik Bellare 

My Career Journey So Far

I am an Oracle Applications and Business Process Optimization Delivery manager with over a decade of experience in IT management, ranging over various industry verticals such as cloud/on-premise storage, construction, manufacturing, and more. 

My professional journey began with SLK as a project leader, where I worked for almost a decade. In 2016, I joined Config Consultants as a Program Manager. After two years with Config Consultants, I returned to my old organization and worked with SLK for the next 3 years as a Software Project Manager. I am currently a Solutions Manager with Inspirage, an IT services and IT consulting company based in Washington. 

The Challenge

As I changed my job quite recently and moved to work with Inspirage, I realized that I need to improve my performance in the current role. My responsibilities increased, and I wanted to enhance my skill set to perform them well. I had done online courses in various domains, such as SAFe and Scrum Master, and CPQ Cloud Solution Engineer Specialist, so I knew that self-learning was the best approach to upskilling. Hence, I decided to upgrade this time with an online PGP program. 

The Simplilearn Solution

I had expected a lot from the program, and to my surprise, the PGP in Digital Transformation from Simplilearn met all my expectations. The experience was fulfilling, especially with the 24×7 learning support and live industry experience. The instructors were very encouraging and effective. The team at Simplilearn constantly guided and motivated me, and as a learner, that really helped me make the most out of this course. 

Post Graduate Program In Digital Transformation
IBM masterclasses, AMAs, and course certifications

The Simplilearn Impact

After completing the program, my entire understanding of the digital revolution changed. My experience with Simplilearn was very impressive. I gained a promotion and salary increment of 20% within my current organization. I look forward to applying what I have learned and creating more impact from my knowledge.

A Word from Simplilearn 

The Post Graduate Program in Digital Transformation will provide the guidance you need to become a digital transformation leader. You will learn the critical aspects of digital business strategy, leading organizations and navigating them through digital disruption. Gain leadership skills to build a digital-ready business under the academic excellence of Purdue University and the leadership of KPMG. 

Skills Covered

  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Disruption
  • Digital Business Model
  • Design Thinking
  • Agile Business Transformation
  • People Leadership
  • Artificial Intelligence

Attend masterclasses delivered by the best Purdue University faculty and KPMG senior consultants. Get guided by the skilled mentorship of KPMG experts and analyze real-world capstone projects. In addition, you will also learn with your peers via real-life group projects and Harvard Business publishing case studies. Most importantly, the Job Assistance provided in addition to this course will help you get in touch with top hiring companies.