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Sharpening Your Skills is Easy with Simplilearn

Carlos Linares

Carlos Linares

16+ years

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Midway University

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor


As documented by Carlos Linares

I came to the United States from Peru 17 years ago, and today I work as the assistant professor of human resources and management and international business at Midway University in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. I hold a Ph.D. in human resources and leadership from Sullivan University, and before coming to the U.S., I was a college professor in my home country

My advanced degree and teaching background have made me passionate about learning new things and improving my skills. About six years ago, I decided to become a subject matter expert in business intelligence and took the necessary steps to gain that knowledge. My research took me to Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Business Analysis in partnership with Purdue University

Before enrolling in Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Business Analysis, I had zero knowledge about using tools such as excel, tableau, power BI and power query. After completing the course, I was able to use these applications properly. It proved to be a total career game-changer. I’m excited to report that starting in Fall 2023, the university is putting me in charge of a new department focused on business analysis. I even got a salary bump. Simplilearn’s flexible online course provided an ideal upskilling experience.

Professional Certificate Program In Business Analysis
Exclusive IBM Hackathons, AMA, and data analytics certification

Gaining the Tools to Improve

When teaching my research classes before I found Simplilearn, I tried using excel, but I didn’t know the basics to use it properly. I searched online for courses that could help advance my knowledge of business analytics and intelligence so that I could better teach my students.  Simplilearn’s instruction was amazing, and no matter how many questions I asked the instructors, they were always quick to answer them — even at night and on weekends. Also, Simplilearn’s flexible time structure helped me immensely because I could study on weekends.  Simplilearn has proven to be a wonderful experience. I have taken classes from other organizations, but there’s no comparison to Simplilearn.

Simplilearn Keeps You Up to Date

Everything works on numbers now, and data is the most critical commodity. That wasn’t the case five years ago. I think it’s easy for people to have gaps in their knowledge nowadays because the tech world is changing rapidly, especially in business analytics. Simplilearn’s course will help you bridge that gap. I would recommend Simplilearn because of its connection with Purdue University, which you can’t get anywhere else. 

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Business Analysis has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in Business Analysis