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Successfully Changed Career Domains!

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Gina Chee

6+ years

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Finexis Advisory

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As documented by Gina Chee

After working in finance for years, I wanted to shift to the technology sector when I chose to upskill with the Post Graduate Program in Business Analysis with Simplilearn. I have settled very well into the field and hope to find a great job soon.

My Career Journey So Far

I live in Singapore. I hold a diploma in Aerospace Systems and Management but work in the Finance sector. I worked as Competency Executive at Fineaxis Advisory Pvt Ltd for 6 years. But after working for almost 6 years in the finance sector, I wanted to switch my career domain to the technology sector as this field has immense career opportunities because of the advancing technology. Therefore, I upskilled myself in the Business Analytics course. 

The Challenge

Information technology is booming with great career opportunities, especially in Business Analytics. I have been working in the finance sector for 6 years. So, to boost my career path and pursue something where my interest lay, I decided to upskill and get certified in the Postgraduate Program in Business Analytics.

The Simplilearn Solution

My learning journey with Simplilearn was quite an experience. I learned so many new skills and knowledge in the field of Business Analytics from the top-notch faculties. Simplilearn has been very prompt and responsive in their servicing since day 1 when I decided to take up learning with them. Every inquiry along the way was very well taken care of. I’ve attended live classes for 3 different courses. The course comes with various tests and projects after every concept, giving me a better practical exposure to the concepts. It made learning a lot more industry relevant.

Post Graduate Program In Business Analysis
IBM masterclasses, AMAs, and course certifications

The Simplilearn Impact

First of all, the course provided me with a professional certification in Business Analytics. Coming from a non-IT background, the course is designed in a way that I was easily able to understand the concepts from the basics to the advanced level. I am searching for new jobs in the same domain, and I am confident that the certification and my knowledge will help me secure a good opportunity. 

A Word from Simplilearn 

The Post Graduate Program in Business Analysis will equip professionals with the tools required to tackle complex business operations. This program features masterclasses from Purdue University. It is designed for professionals starting their business analysis careers as well as experienced analysts looking to upskill with the latest tools and frameworks. 

Skills Covered

  • BRD FRD and SRS Document Creation
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management
  • Data Visualization
  • SQL Database
  • Data analysis
  • Agile scrum methodology
  • Python
  • And more

Students will earn well-recognized credentials from Purdue and 35 PDs/CDUs from IIBA upon completion of the program. Working on several hands-on projects, a capstone project, and Harvard Business case studies will help you create the perfect portfolio. 

By the end of this program, you will be industry-ready with an IIBA-accredited CBAP course and open up new career opportunities.