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Updating My Skill Set to Stay on Top in My Field

Robinson Ebunu

Robinson Ebunu

2+ years

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Almond Media Ltd

Support Analyst

Support Analyst

Gexel Telecom

As documented by Robinson Ifeakachukwu Ebunu

I am an Economist, Business Analyst, and Support Analyst at Gexel Telecom. I have experience working with cross-functional teams in the development, documentation, and delivery of process innovations, driving the attainment of business goals for three years. I live in Montreal, Canada and I hold a Master’s degree in Economics from Afe Babalola University.

Motivation for Certification

I recently upskilled myself through the Business Analysis Master’s Program with Simplilearn.  I upskilled myself to enhance my knowledge of Business Analysis and get certified. While working in my role as an analyst, I realized that I needed to upskill myself to stand out from the crowd and grow in my career. Therefore, I chose Simplilearn and took the course on Business Analysis. 

Stand-Out Course Features

Simplilearn had various unique features that made the learning journey smooth and fruitful. I  liked that the course provided hands-on experience with a practice lab that helped me implement the knowledge in my current role. The industry experts as instructors gave me a lot of exposure to various case studies of different industries. I learned a lot of things about my field because of the comprehensive curriculum that the course offers.

Professional Certificate Program In Business Analysis
Become eligible to be part of the Purdue University Alumni Association

Upon Completion of the Course

After the completion of the course, I developed numerous skills and received a 30 percent increase in my salary. I am a certified Business Analyst now with a deeper knowledge of current market trends and tools. I say that I have learned a lot of things about my field because of the comprehensive curriculum that the course offers. 

Looking Ahead

I aim to become a solution analyst for a big MNC in the coming future. Aside from my career goals, I love playing football in my spare time. 

Simplilearn Feedback: Explore Your Options in Business Analysis

The Business Analyst Certification Training course, offered through Simplilearn, provides in-depth knowledge and skills to help professionals become better business analysts. This course covers topics such as project management, requirement gathering, process mapping, and data analysis. Get started by enrolling today!