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Upskilling With Simplilearn’s Helped Me Get A Job At Infosys!

Picture of Saurabh Indave

Saurabh Indave

3+ years

Picture of Research Anaylst

Research Anaylst

Vayuna Voicetech Pvt. Ltd

Picture of Associate Analyst

Associate Analyst

Infosys BPM

As documented by Saurabh Indave

Upskilling is a fairly new term that a lot of people are just learning. I, myself had no idea what upskilling meant until a friend of mine led me to it. He explained that in order to get an edge in the market, honing your skills is a must. Even if you want to switch careers, having prior knowledge can help you get ahead. This is exactly what happened ot me. 

The Journey

I have a dual degree of Bachelor of Science from Pune University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University. I started working as an research analyst at Vayuna Voicetech Pvt. Ltd, a Nasik-based company, while completing my Post Graduation at Pune University in English Language Literature and Linguistics. 

After about 3 and a half years, I decided it was time to make my future away from Nashik, so I started applying to various MNCs, such as Accenture, Wipro and Infosys, and TCS. However, sadly I was rejected by them all. That’s when I learned about upskilling from my friend, who told me that it would give me a better chance at getting my dream job. I searched for a recognized and reputed institute, which is when I came across Simplilearn.

Professional Certificate Program In Business Analysis
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The Simplilearn Course

Simplilearn seemed like the best option, and it came highly recommended by a lot of my friends. It was their Business Analyst Masters Program that really caught my eye. I wanted to learn more about business analytics, and this course had everything I needed and more. 

The most important thing was that this course covered was visualization software, that I realized could help me get ahead. Tableau, PowerBi, and the second module of Agile Scrum Master were what helped me the most. The best features of the course were the connectivity, experienced trainers, doubt-clearing sessions, and the flexibility to choose my own schedule. As I was working from 12 pm to 9 pm, I connected with the client relationship manager and worked out a scheduled program after work hours, usually on weekends.

The Result

After completing this course and getting the certification, I applied to those MNCs again. I’m proud to say today that I hold the designation of Associate Analyst with Infosys. Not to mention I got a 40% salary hike, which is a plus. I really recommend upskilling with Simplilearn. It really helped me, and it can help others as well.

A Word From Simplilearn

Our courses have been designed to help you get job ready and start in the real-world. While we cover the theoretical concepts, we also include them in real world projects that can not only help you understand how to actually use them, but also use those projects as your portfolio when applying for jobs.

Our Business Analyst Masters Program has been created to cover the most important aspects of Business Analysis – Planning and Monitoring, Requirements Elicitation, and Requirements Management & Communication. There are also masterclasses by experts in the field and also capstone projects to help you get started.

So, what’s keeping you from your dream career, get started today!